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  • Success! EPA Limits Power Plant Discharges of Toxic Metals in Wastewater

    The Environmental Protection Agency just set the first federal limits on how much arsenic, mercury, selenium, nitrogen and other toxic metals coal-fired power plants can discharge into streams and rivers. PSR coauthored a report last June documenting the need to control these pollutants, which can cause cancer and non-cancer risks in humans, lowered IQ among children, and deformities and reproductive harm in fish and wildlife and remain in the environment for years.

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  • Clean Energy Saves Lives

    PSR’s Climate Health Summit trains 200 health professionals on climate health impacts and skills building to push for essential policy action! Experts from across the country joined with 17 co-sponsoring organizations in this premier event.

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  • Health professionals tell Congress: Protect the most vulnerable!

    Eighty-three doctors and other health professionals took to Capitol Hill in PSR's "Legislator Education Day" to advocate for protection from climate change health effects. They urged their legislators to protect our most vulnerable, including infants and children, older adults and the poor, and to defend the Clean Power Plan and the upcoming ozone standard. If you agree, take action today.

  • Gala for Peace & Health

    One hundred fifty PSR members and supporters attended PSR's Gala for Peace & Health at the Austrian Embassy on Saturday evening, Sept 19th. At left, Student PSR member Tia Stewart offers a river stone to Capstone Member Stan Dienst, MD, in honor of his 32 years with the organization. Click here for a photo gallery and a recap of honorees. Many thanks to our dedicated hosts for their support.

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Nuclear Weapons

Join our campaign! 159 nations favor eliminating nuclear weapons based on their humanitarian impact. If you agree, click here.

Environment and Health

PSR's Climate Health Action Teams teach you about the health benefits of clean, healthy energy sources and prepare you to advocate in your state for renewable energy and energy efficiency. Please join us to help move your state to a clean energy future and a livable climate.

Safe Energy

The Safe Energy program focuses on protecting public health, taxpayer dollars, and national security by preventing the construction of expensive, dirty, and dangerous new nuclear reactors.

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