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  • PSR Releases Report on Methane, Health and Climate

    PSR has released a new report, Too Dirty, Too Dangerous: Why health professionals reject methane. With its summaries of recent medical and scientific studies, the report clearly conveys the health threats that accompany use of methane (natural gas) as a fuel. The report is a potent tool for challenging the headlong rush to replace coal-fired power plants with methane.

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  • PSR welcomes new Communications Manager onto staff

    PSR is delighted to welcome Elana Simon onto our staff as Communications Manager. Elana will manage PSR's overall communication strategy, and also help us leverage media to drive a disarmament movement tailored for the 21st century. Before coming to PSR, Elana promoted disarmament with ReThink Media and ran the social media component of Pramila Jayapal's progressive, grassroots, and ultimately victorious congressional campaign.

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  • Senate Confirms Scott Pruitt; "Terribly Wrong Choice"

    PSR called the U.S. Senate's vote to confirm Scott Pruitt to head the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency "a profoundly misguided decision." Noting that Mr. Pruitt has a long history of opposing the very agency he will be heading, PSR's executive director stated, "By confirming Pruitt, the Senate has put the health of current and future generations at risk...This is a terribly wrong choice for our nation."

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  • 21 Nobel Peace Laureates Call for Eliminating Nuclear Weapons

    PSR's Ira Helfand appears on the monitor as he speaks in plenary session of the 16th World Summit of Nobel Peace Laureates in Bogota, Columbia. Helfand is Co-President of International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War (IPPNW), recipient of the 1985 Nobel Peace Prize. Twenty-one laureates issued a statement calling for prohibition and elimination of nuclear weapons.

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