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  • PSR brings the disarmament conversation to Capitol Hill

    To bring the global disarmament message to the heart of the American political landscape, PSR co-sponsored an all-day conference April 27 titled, "Toward a Fundamental Change in Nuclear Weapons Policy" at the Capitol Visitor Center. The conference brought together young faith leaders, scientists, and disarmament experts including PSR's Dr. Ira Helfand, Hiroshima survivor Setsuko Thurlow, and ICAN campaigner Ray Acheson.

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  • In Memoriam: Steve Gilman and Rich Grady

    PSR's Board is saddened to announce the passing of two tenacious colleagues and loyal friends of the organization. Project Manager Steve Gilman, a PSR National board member based in Asheville, NC, passed away on Friday, April 21st. Physician Rich Grady, also a PSR National board member until recently, lived and worked in Seattle, WA. He passed away on Tuesday, April 25th. Their dynamism and intellect will be missed.

  • Join PSR in the People's Climate March!

    On April 29, the 100th day of the Trump presidency, the People's Climate March will bring tens of thousands of people to Washington, DC to demand a safe, healthy climate. In addition, over 300 sister marches will take place nationwide. March with PSR National or with a PSR chapter! PSR has joined the PCM Steering Committee to help build these events plus an ongoing, broad and vigorous climate movement for the future.

  • On tax day, consider your personal subsidy to nuclear weapons

    "Our national budget is a moral document"—says PSR-LA President Bob Dodge, MD. The diversion of resources to nuclear weapons illustrates how they are harmful even in peacetime. In 2016, Los Angeles County channeled $1.77 billion to the nuclear weapons complex instead of to programs that help people. What’s the cost of nuclear weapons to YOUR community? Find out by visiting PSR-LA’s Community Cost Calculator.

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Nuclear Weapons

Join 159 nations that favor banning nuclear weapons based on their humanitarian impact.

Environment and Health

Replace dirty, dangerous coal and methane gas with solar power, wind and energy efficiency.

Nuclear Power

Prevent the construction of expensive, dirty, and dangerous new nuclear reactors.

Latest News

  • A Witty March for Science
    April 27, 2017

    A letter to the editor from PSR's Dr. Alan Lockwood.

    Source: Cleveland Plain Dealer
  • Historians say the March for Science is 'pretty unprecedented'
    April 22, 2017

    "The march is pretty unprecedented in terms of the scale and breadth of the scientific community that's involved, and it does recall Physicians for Social Responsibility and various scientific groups against nuclear war in the Reagan era," said Robert Proctor, a professor of the history of science at Stanford University.

    Source: Washington Post
  • Thousands participate in March for Science in Los Angeles
    April 22, 2017

    The group also heard from Martha Dina Arguello, executive director of PSR in Los Angeles. "Today the Cold War is over and the nuclear threat is not,'' she said. "There is no meaningful medical response to a nuclear war'' except disarmament, she said.

    Source: FOX 11

Upcoming Event

  • April 29, 2017

    Washington, District of Columbia

    People's Climate March

    PSR is convening a Health Contingent to march in the People's Climate March on April 29 in Washington, DC.

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