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  • PSR tells Sec. Tillerson: Start direct talks with North Korea

    Edgy about conflict with North Korea? An on-again, off-again war of provocations between President Trump and Chairman Kim Jong-un has injected the specter of nuclear war into popular American culture. This dispute may heat up again soon. PSR members are contacting Secretary of State Tillerson to urge that he begin direct talks with North Korea to defuse this crisis.

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  • Taking action on Hiroshima Day

    As the North Korean nuclear flashpoint dominates our headlines, the 72nd anniversary of the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki remind us why we must prevent nuclear war. PSR members across the country participated in events to inform community members how to take action to create a world free from nuclear weapons.

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  • Opposing Toxic Coal Ash--Again

    PSR testified recently before the US EPA in favor of limits on coal ash discharges from coal-fired power plants. Many coal-fired plants pour vast quantities of toxic coal ash into the nation's rivers, bays and streams, including drinking-water sources. EPA seeks to roll back its own rule limiting discharges of arsenic, mercury, lead and other contaminants. Read the testimony of Environment and Health Director Barb Gottlieb and Toxics Program Manager Kathy Attar here.

  • Take PSR’s Social Media Challenge! Tell Nikki Haley: No More Hiroshimas--Support the Nuclear Ban

    72 years after the horrific bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, nuclear weapons are now illegal. 122 nations voted to adopt the nuclear weapons ban treaty, but UN Ambassador Nikki Haley and leaders from other nuclear-armed countries boycotted the negotiations.  From August 6-11, join PSR’s social media challenge to tweet at Ambassador Haley to support the nuclear ban. Let’s show Ambassador Haley that Americans support a world without nuclear weapons.

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