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Art Contest Winners Announced

More than 40 artists participated in our 50th Anniversary art contest to honor PSR’s history and capture the spirit of PSR in a visual display.  The winning entries are presented below.  We congratulate the winners and thank all of the artists who submitted entries.

First Place

Artist: Don Ellis A. Aguillo
San Francisco, California

Don Aquillo describes himself as “an avid fan of pop culture and film, a seasoned martial arts instructor and a proud and vigilant advocate of both the visual and performing arts.”   A pre-med student and natural advocate for the sciences and social responsibility, he eventually made the switch to pursue a passion in graphic design and illustration.


Second Place

Artist: Lela Kometiani
Richmond, VA

Lela Kometiani is a graphic designer and illustrator. She received her BFA in Painting from the Nickoladze School of Arts, and her MA in Graphic Design from the Academy of Fine Arts in Georgia. She has received awards in graphic design and book illustration, including a Writer’s Digest Award.  She teaches art at Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond.


Third Place

Artist: M. Akyea
Coralville, IA

Modei Akeya says that he is “easily inspired by passionate effort for justice” and hopes design work can “help motivate and spark in us all our collective will to elevate the proverbial good.”  His design for PSR’s 50th Anniversary features images that evoke peace and a better world.

Page Updated June 20, 2016