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Maureen McCue, MD, PhD

Oxford, Iowa
Speaker Topic: Climate Change, War & Public Health
Medical Specialty: Epidemiology
PSR Affiliation: Coordinator, Iowa PSR; member, National Board
School Affiliation: Adjunct Professor of Global Health, University of Iowa

Areas of Expertise:

  • Global warming, fossil fuel energy and public health
  • Global warming clean energy solutions
  • Nuclear power, nuclear waste, radiation exposure
  • Social justice
  • Global/international health
  • Environmental justice 
Media Experience: Television, Radio, Writing, Public Speaking

Why PSR?

Only organization where colleagues share my concern about “preventing what we can’t cure” and addressing the gravest threats to human health and global survival!

Biographical Sketch

Dr. McCue has traveled and worked extensively as a peace maker, researcher, and physician, and has helped organize many forums on cross cultural, global health, and women’s health issues. She is the coordinator for the Iowa Chapter of Physicians for Social Responsibility, a founding member and former Director of the University of Iowa Global Health Studies Program, and also a founding member and executive committee member of the UI Center for Human Rights. She regularly interacts with international and domestic representatives of many programs, disciplines, and perspectives regarding global health issues including actively participating in several unique peace, health and human rights events in the former Soviet Union, Nicaragua, Cuba, Ecuador, Haiti, India and Bangladesh. Her most recent work has focused on Climate Change, Coal and their related threats to health. She is one of the collaborating researchers for the recently published Recalibrating the Law of Humans with the Laws of Nature: Climate Change, Human Rights, and Intergenerational Justice published in 2009 by the Vermont Law School, and lead author most recently on the Iowa Coal Health Mapping Study.

To request Dr. McCue as a speaker, please email or call 202-667-4260.

In the Spotlight

Climate Health Action Teams

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