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Valory Wangler, MD

Zuni Pueblo, New Mexico
Speaker Topic: Climate Change
Medical Specialty: Family Medicine
PSR Affiliation: Member, National Board; Member, New Mexico PSR Board
Position: Co-chair, Environment and Health Committee

Areas of Expertise:

  • Climate change and health
  • Native American issues

Media Experience: Writing, Public Speaking

Why PSR?

PSR provides a powerful vehicle for doctors and other health professionals to address the gravest threats to human survival. As physicians we have a unique and critically important message about the dangers of nuclear war and climate change. PSR brings that message to the public debate about these issues.

Biographical sketch

Val Wangler practices full-spectrum family medicine (outpatient, inpatient, ER, OB) on the Zuni Reservation in rural New Mexico where she has lived and worked for the past six years.  She serves as Chief of Staff at Zuni Indian Health Service; co-directs the Zuni Youth Enrichment Project, a non-profit providing free summer camp, sports leagues, and nutrition education for Zuni youth and families; and helps to craft the built environment (trails, gardens, and parks) to promote health and wellness for Zuni families.

To contact Dr. Wangler, please email

Page Updated May 22, 2017

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