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Steven Starr, MT (ASCP)

Columbia, Missouri
Speaker Topic: Nuclear Weapons
PSR Affiliation: Former Member, National Board
School Affiliation: Director of Clinical Laboratory Science Program, University of Missouri-Columbia

Areas of Expertise:

  • Nuclear proliferation
  • Risk of nuclear war causing acute climate change
  • Taking nuclear weapons off high-alert status 

Why PSR?

PSR has played a leading role in the efforts to prevent nuclear war and eliminate nuclear weapons. The motives of the organization are clear and the members do not profit from membership. PSR strives to produce accurate and scientifically based reports, and depends on the intellectual honesty and integrity of its members. PSR is willing to take unpopular political positions in order to speak out against threats to public health and safety. All this makes PSR an organization that people are willing to listen to.

Biographical Sketch

Steven Starr, MT (ASCP), graduated from the School of Health Professions at the University of Missouri, Columbia in 1985. He subsequently worked as a Medical Technologist over a period of 27 years at a number of hospitals in Columbia, Missouri, including Columbia Regional Hospital, Boone Hospital Center, and Ellis Fischel Cancer Center, as well as at Saint Mary’s Health Center, in Jefferson City, Missouri. Mr. Starr is currently the Director of the Clinical Laboratory Science Program at the University of Missouri.

Steven is an Associate member of the Nuclear Age Peace Foundation and has been published by the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists. His writings appear on the websites of PSR, the Nuclear Age Peace Foundation, the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology Center for Arms Control, Energy and Environmental Studies, Scientists for Global Responsibility, and the International Network of Scientists Against Proliferation. Since 2007, he has worked with the governments of Switzerland, Chile, and New Zealand, in support of their efforts at the United Nations to eliminate thousands of high-alert, launch-ready nuclear weapons.

Mr. Starr is also an expert on the environmental consequences of nuclear war, and in 2011, he made an address to the U.N. General Assembly describing the dangers that nuclear weapons and nuclear war poses to all nations and peoples. He has made presentations to Ministry Officials, Parliamentarians, Universities, citizens and students from around the world, and specializes in making technical scientific information understandable to all audiences.

To request Steven Starr as a speaker, please email or call 202-667-4260

Page Updated January 17, 2013

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    Most of Steven Starr's writings can be found at his website,