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Tell the EPA to ban the use of methylene chloride and NMP in commercial and consumer paint strippers. Let’s protect workers and consumers from these harmful chemicals and switch to safer alternatives.

PSR Releases Top Ten Priorities for 2012

PSR educates and activates the medical and broader health community, and the public, through research, analysis, collaboration and targeted communications.  We advocate for government and societal change at the local, state, national and international level.  Our top ten priorities for 2012 affirm our long-held commitment to work to prevent what we cannot cure. 

1.       Work toward substantial reductions in nuclear stockpiles.  In this current political climate, we have the best opportunity in years to make progress on cutting dangerous wasteful spending, especially the billions spent on nuclear weapons. 

2.       Train and deploy physicians, other health professionals, and medical students. PSR is expanding its expert-tour program, including speaking engagements, media outreach, panel presentations and other educational events.

3.      Prevent the development and production of any new nuclear weapons.  We are working to block all federal spending and, through one of our local chapters, halt construction of a new weapons components production facility. 

4.      Push for abolishing nuclear weapons worldwide.  Through our 1 More 4 Zero campaign, we keep alive the goal of abolition while seeking winnable next steps.

5.       Stop the construction of new nuclear reactors in the U.SWe will continue to oppose additional government subsidies for new reactors, working with coalition partners to identify and present champions and experts in a variety of settings.

6.       Increase public understanding of the risks with nuclear reactorsWe will spotlight past reactor accidents and the risk of a Fukushima-like disaster in the U.S., stressing the frequency of accidents and lack of preparedness.

7.       Educate the public, media, policymakers and health professionals about the health effects of radiation and counter industry claims that low doses of radiation are “safe.” 

8.      Reduce greenhouse gas emissions at the source.  We will work to block the licensing of proposed coal-fired power plants and to close the oldest, dirtiest existing plants. We will address toxic coal ash and coal exports.  We will safeguard rules to protect healthy, clean air.

9.      Reduce reliance on fossil fuels; promote clean, healthy, renewable sources of energy.   We will support expanded generation of wind and solar energy as well as increased reliance on energy efficiency and conservation.

10.  Press for regulations that result in health-protective chemicals policyWith our chapters and membership, we will continue to present the medical and public health voice in support of policies that protect us from dangerous chemicals.