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Martin Fleck

Speaker Topic: Nuclear Weapons
PSR Affiliation: Security Program Director

Areas of Expertise:

  • Arms Control Treaties
  • Nuclear Weapons Policy
  • Nuclear Weapons Disarmament
  • United States Spending Priorities

Media Experience: Television, Radio, Writing, Public Speaking

Why PSR?

We have gotten onto the wrong path with nuclear weapons. To give the next generation a fighting chance, we need to get onto a different path–one that leads, eventually, to nuclear weapons abolition.

Physicians for Social Responsibility has been an integral part of the nuclear weapons counternarrative since 1962, when Drs. Nathan, Geiger, Sidel and Lown published “The Medical Consequences of Nuclear War” in the New England Journal of Medicine.   I added my voice in 1982, canvassing my Seattle neighborhood with the Nuclear Weapons Freeze petition.  For sixteen years, I experienced PSR through the lens of chapter staff, as the Executive Director of the Seattle chapter. Now I am proud to work among the national staff.

Health Professionals bring a unique and authoritative voice not only to the arguments over nuclear weapons, but also in many other health threats that require policy solutions. I stand in admiration of busy health professionals who make the effort to pro-actively weigh in on policy issues to protect our long-term health, for this and future generations.

Biographical Sketch

Martin Fleck is the Security Program Director for Physicians for Social Responsibility, where he develops and implements national campaigns for nuclear disarmament, nuclear nonproliferation, and sensible security budget priorities. Prior to his current post, Martin served as National Coordinator of the Campaign for a Nuclear Weapons Free World.  No stranger to the PSR universe, Martin also served as Executive Director of Washington PSR for 16 years.

While with WPSR, Martin organized and traveled with WPSR delegations to Chelyabinsk, Russia in 1992 and 1995 to assist Russian physicians coping with health effects of the Mayak nuclear weapons plant.  Martin also staffed the WPSR delegation to Israel, the West Bank and Gaza Strip in 1993.  His work at WPSR included co-founding and facilitating the Northwest Disarmament Coalition and organizing conferences such as the Plutonium Roundtable and Beyond Oil.

Martin holds a Bachelor’s degree in International Relations from the University of Washington

Phone: 202-587-5242

Page Updated November 3, 2017

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