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21 Ways to Celebrate Earth Day 2015

Posted by Amy Ciciora on April 21, 2015

planet, globeTomorrow, April 22nd, is Earth day. Here are some ideas to celebrate and honor our earth:

  1. Ride your bike or walk to work, school or when running errands
  2. Cook a special meal that includes locally produced foods and that has a minimal impact on the environment. Choose organic beans and vegetables. If meat is necessary, try organically produced from local purveyors.
  3. Pick up litter in your neighborhood and local roadways. In some communities whole weekends surrounding Earth Day are used to organize a big clean up. Ask local companies to donate gloves and bags. Designate both recycling and waste bags.
  4. Plant a tree or spend some time in your garden. Be sure that the tree can survive in your changing climate.
  5. Organize a hike in a local park or preserve.
  6. Create a community garden. This is a great way to connect to the earth and to your community. Get growing!
  7. Paint an educational mural on a local building. Or use chalk to create Earth Day sidewalks and parking lots.
  8. Buy your mom a green gift for Mother's Day. Choose ecological lotions and bath soaps or purchase gardening tools and equipment if she's a gardener.
  9. Read a book. It uses no energy. Rediscover your local library if you've not been in a while.
  10. Look for local concerts and events. In DC the Earth Day Concert on the National Mall is the place to be. What about your city or town?
  11. Clean out your closet and donate to a charity or post it on a recycle board like Craigslist.
  12. Write a letter to a local government official. Concerned about drought? Wildfires? Worried about the fracking rig that showed up your backyard? Why not write to your legislator and be heard.
  13. Volunteer for an environmental charity.
  14. Sign up for PSR's Climate Health Action Teams (CHATs) and help advance clean healthy energy and a livable climate!
  15. Assess your ecological footprint and begin taking steps to reduce it. Pledge to take steps to reduce it at home and at work.
  16. Start a compost heap. Composting can divert as much as 30% of household waste away from the garbage can.  
  17. Buy a carbon offset.
  18. Build a bird feeder for our flighty friends.
  19. Write a letter to the editor of your local newspaper about how climate change or other environmental issues are affecting your community.
  20. Reduce exposure to harmful chemicals by:
    • Skip antibacterial soap and hand sanitizer. If you cannot wash your hands with plain soap and water, use alcohol-based hand sanitizer. 
    • Try to avoid using grease-repellent coatings often found in fast food containers such as microwave popcorn bags and pizza boxes. Also avoid stain-resistance treatments found in furniture, carpets or clothing; or non-stick cookware.
    • Read the labels on all consumer products particularly personal care products. And choose products with a short list of ingredients; opt for products that list ALL their ingredients, not just active ones; look for products without "fragrance" in the ingredients list. Avoid these chemicals in any consumer product- Bisphenol A, Triclosan, and Parabens.
  21. Eat fish -- but do it safely. Check out our safe fish guide.


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