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Bipartisan Group of Governors Sign "New Energy Future" Accord

Posted by Barbara Gottlieb and Suyeon Yang on February 22, 2016

renewable energy, powerSeventeen states signed onto a "Governors' Accord for a New Energy Future" that makes an economic case for expanding renewable energy and energy efficiency. The governors, both Republicans and Democrats, united around a vision of increasing energy efficiency and renewable energy sources, modernizing the electricity grid, and promoting electric and alternatively fueled vehicles in their states.

The Accord, which will move the states forward even while the Clean Power Plan is under a Supreme Court stay, chooses to avoid the term "climate change" and refers instead to "extreme weather events." It's an interesting strategy. Gov. Jerry Brown (CA), who initiated the Accord, explained that the agreement would still help mitigate climate change, regardless of terminology.

The four Republican governors who signed on represent Iowa, Michigan, Massachusetts and Nevada. Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder was among the 24 governors who filed suit against the Clean Power Plan last year. In signing the Governors' Accord, Snyder issued a statement highlighting the agreement's potential to reduce energy costs and increase reliability.

Nevada and Iowa, which also signed, are major renewable energy producers.

This strategy suggests that, even in states that might otherwise oppose the CPP, focusing on your state's production of renewable energy may prove to be a pragmatic way to advance positive results for health and a livable planet.

The Accord text and all 17 signatories can be seen here


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