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Flooding linked to Climate Change

Posted by Barbara Gottlieb on May 10, 2016

Extreme weather-related events have clobbered communities recently. I'm sure you're aware of the massive fire in Alberta, Canada that required the evacuation of 88,000 people. Terrifying. Reports are now saying that it will take months for the fire to be extinguished completely.

Last month, intense rainfall led to flooding in the Houston area. One community got 17 inches of rain in less than one day. That's more than Salt Lake City gets in a year. The flooding killed at least seven people, flooded 1,000 homes, and caused an estimated $5 billion-plus in damage. 

What's the climate connection? Scientists don't link any one weather event directly to climate change, but they do note that climate change has increased the high temperatures that make wildfires more frequent. Climate change also increases the likelihood of intense storms

All of which spells bad news for health. Learn more about the harms to health associated with intense precipitation and flooding in the latest installment of PSR's Climate Change Makes Me Sick campaign.

(And you can learn more about the health impacts of wildfires from our Climate Change Makes Me Sick e-postcard addressing climate change and air quality.)


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