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  • "Safety prescription from Doctor Dad"
    Posted by Molly Rauch, MPH on June 22, 2010

    Last week, PSR Maine member Jeff Peterson wrote a letter to the editor of the Portland Press Herald. As a pediatrician and a father, he wrote about the importance of strong chemical policy reform Read more »

  • Avoiding More Predictable Disasters
    Posted by Jeff Patterson, DO on May 18, 2010

    The current manmade environmental oil disaster of the Deepwater Horizon Oil blowout on April 20, 2010 happens to coincide with the 25th anniversary of the radiation disaster at Chernobyl on April 27, 1986. This is, therefore, an ideal time to consider the nature and effect of manmade disasters, which should give us guidance as to the direction of our future energy plans. Read more »

  • New rules for regulating coal ash?
    Posted by Barbara Gottlieb on May 11, 2010

    The EPA is offering two versions of a proposed rule for regulating coal ash. One would require the states to adhere to strict new federal regulations. The other... well... Read more »
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  • A Toxic Brew in the Gulf of Mexico
    Posted by Molly Rauch, MPH on May 6, 2010

    Last month an oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico exploded, killing 11 people. The destroyed oil rig is releasing more than 200,000 gallons of oil into the Gulf each day. This disaster threatens to dwarf the notorious Exxon Valdez spill, which dumped 11 million gallons of crude oil into the remote Prince William Sound in 1989. By contrast, the current catastrophe has already leaked over 12 million gallons, according to one environmental group. And the gallons keep pouring out, despite automated robot repair efforts. Read more »
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  • Celebrating Earth Day in the Rose Garden
    Posted by Jeff Patterson, DO on April 23, 2010

    At the White House yesterday for the President’s Earth Day celebration, I had the opportunity to speak with Congressman Ed Markey. He first lauded PSR and our work in preventing nuclear war, and then went on to say that our current work on climate change is very similar in the sense that for both issues, there is no cure, there is only prevention. He shared a great quote, “The planet is running a fever and there are no emergency rooms for planets. Thus we have to engage politically in preventing climate change.” Read more »

  • Earth Day, the White House, and on to action!
    Posted by Barbara Gottlieb on April 22, 2010

    PSR goes to the White House to celebrate Earth Day -- and to call for strong climate legislation. Read more »

  • Dr. Jeff Patterson to Celebrate Earth Day at the White House (Video)
    Posted by Jeff Patterson, DO on April 22, 2010

    PSR President Dr. Jeff Patterson is off to the White House to bring PSR's message to President Barack Obama. Read more »

  • Earth Day in the White House
    Posted by Peter Wilk, MD on April 22, 2010

    Today, PSR has been invited to the White House to celebrate the fortieth anniversary of Earth Day. We are pleased and honored that PSR’s health message has been recognized by President Obama as an important voice in the environmental movement. PSR’s President, Jeff Patterson, is on his way to the White House as I write, carrying the message that, as doctors, healthcare professionals, and concerned citizens, we must prevent what we cannot cure. Read more »
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  • Green chemistry: the prevention component of real TSCA reform
    Posted by Molly Rauch, MPH on April 13, 2010

    PSR is a proud partner in the Safer Chemicals, Healthy Families coalition, which is working to pass smart federal policies to protect us from toxic chemicals. The SCHF coalition has developed a campaign platform that explains the nine components of sound and comprehensive chemicals policy. One of them addresses green chemistry. Read more »

  • PSR welcomes Sierra Club's new executive director
    Posted by Barbara Gottlieb on March 25, 2010

    PSR continues the close collaboration with Sierra Club on issues of coal and energy and welcomes the Club's new executive director. Read more »

  • Coal ash: A toxic threat
    Posted by Barbara Gottlieb on March 15, 2010

    Last week I led a small PSR delegation to meet with the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) to discuss the health hazards of coal ash. Read more »
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  • Regulating killer particulate matter
    Posted by Barbara Gottlieb on March 1, 2010

    Last Friday I again testified before the EPA on the health impacts of air quality. This time the subject was particulate matter. Once again, I was encouraging the EPA to follow through on a positive step it has proposed. Read more »

  • Climate control gradualism on my daughter’s birthday
    Posted by Barbara Gottlieb on February 23, 2010

    The battle unfolds on Capitol Hill, where a phalanx of politicians is seeking to prevent the Environmental Protection Agency from regulating greenhouse gases. Read more »

  • PSR calls on EPA to tighten proposed standards on smog
    Posted by Barbara Gottlieb on February 16, 2010

    PSR testified before the EPA on ground-level ozone, or smog, supporting new rules for more stringent ozone standards -- and urging the EPA to get more stringent yet. Read more »
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  • Warming creates snow??
    Posted by Barbara Gottlieb on February 12, 2010

    The recent snowstorms that pummeled the Mid-Atlantic are, in fact, evidence of global warming. Read more »
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  • Toxic coal ash must be regulated!
    Posted by Barbara Gottlieb on January 28, 2010

    Coal ash, loaded with arsenic, lead, selenium, mercury, and other toxics, is one of the biggest toxics streams in the U.S. – yet is not regulated by the federal government. It is a grave threat to health. Read more »

  • Moving mountains
    Posted by Barbara Gottlieb on January 21, 2010

    Mountaintop removal (MTR) coal mining uses high-powered explosives to blow the tops off of mountains. The debris is then bulldozered into adjacent valleys and streams. The health hazards and environmental destruction this creates is so great, scientists have called for a moratorium on MTR permits. Read more »
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  • EPA proposes stringent new limits on sulfur dioxide, smog
    Posted by Barbara Gottlieb on January 14, 2010

    The Environmental Protection Agency has proposed rules to strengthen the National Ambient Air Quality Standards for two primary pollutants under the Clean Air Act: sulfur dioxide and ozone pollution (smog). Read more »
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  • Collaboration to Stop Coal
    Posted by Barbara Gottlieb on June 18, 2009

    I had the pleasure recently of attending the Sierra Club’s Midwest “New Energy Future” conference, where I shared information from PSR on the health impacts of global warming. This included our new fact sheets, which I hope you have seen. Read more »
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  • Greenhouse Gas Endangerment Finding Hearing - Seattle
    Posted on May 22, 2009

    I joined others from the Washington and Oregon chapters of PSR in testifying today at a public hearing in Seattle held by the Environmental Protection Agency. The hearing considered the EPA’s recent finding that greenhouse gases endanger the public health, opening up the possibility for regulation of greenhouse gases under the authority of the Clean Air Act. About 200 citizens, starting with the Governor of Washington State, stepped up to voice strong support of the EPA‘s endangerment finding. The hearing continued late into the evening to accommodate all the speakers. Law, medicine, and science were all well represented. There were high school students and university professors. Notable also were the wide range of voices from the business community. I learned in detail how global warming is bad for coffee companies and bad for fisheries. Read more »
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