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  • "No small mistakes": ICAN Civil Society Forum, Day 1
    Posted by John Loretz on March 3, 2013

    "There are no small mistakes with nuclear weapons." That simple statement by Chatham House research director Patricia Lewis set the theme for the first day of ICAN's Civil Society Forum on the catastrophic humanitarian consequences of nuclear weapons, March 2 in Oslo. Read more »

  • Oslo: Historic Conference begins without support of P5
    Posted by Ira Helfand, MD on March 2, 2013

    Participants began to gather this evening for the ICAN Civil Society Forum on the Humanitarian Consequences of Nuclear War, and most of the talk has been about the decision by the P5, the permanent members of the Security Council and the owners of the world's largest nuclear arsenals, to boycott the official government conference which begins on Monday. Read more »
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  • Cut the fat in the Pentagon budget
    Posted by Catherine Thomasson, MD on February 19, 2013

    PSR has been speaking out on cutting the nuclear weapons and bloated Pentagon budget for decades. There is now pressure from the deficit reduction actions to cut the military budget but if it is done under the sequester, across the board budget cuts many programs providing support for essential human needs will be cut as well. Because many in Congress wish to protect the military budget, it is essential to reach our elected officials to encourage additional Pentagon and nuclear weapons cuts. Read more »
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  • Climate Change: Time to act is now!
    Posted by Barbara Gottlieb on February 13, 2013

    Can we make 2013 the year for effective climate action -- and for starters, can we stop the Keystone Pipeline? Read more »

  • Global Zero and Senator Chuck Hagel
    Posted by Ashish Sinha on February 1, 2013

    Senator Chuck Hagel, nominee for Secretary of Defense, appeared before the Senate Armed Services Committee and his leadership on the issue of nuclear disarmament came under immediate fire from a few Senators. In particular, Senator Hagel’s work with Global Zero and his co-authorship of the Global Zero U.S. Nuclear Policy Commission of May 2012. Read more »
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  • Commemorating King
    Posted by Ashish Sinha on January 24, 2013

    On Monday, the symbolism of President Barack H. Obama being sworn in as the 44th President of the United States on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day was inescapable for those who watched. Through the Montgomery Bus Boycotts, the Selma to Montgomery protest, and the March on Washington, Martin Luther King, Jr. brought the tradition of nonviolent civil disobedience to bear on the issue of racial injustice in America. Due to the work of tireless civil rights advocates, the country has changed meaningfully from that day in 1963 when King exhorted a crowd of over 200,000 in Washington DC to dream of an America where racism was vanquished. Read more »

  • What does the fiscal cliff vote leave undone?
    Posted by Ashish Sinha on January 4, 2013

    Many of you helped us push Congress to understand that cutting the Pentagon budget is an essential part of any deal to reduce the deficit and should bear a higher burden than proposed cuts on basic human services. If we were to grade the fiscal cliff vote through the lens of that effort, we would have to give Congress a grade of “Incomplete.” Read more »
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  • IPPNW World Congress, August 2012 Video
    Posted by Mathias Pollock, MPH on December 24, 2012

    Hundreds of physicians and health professionals from all over the world came together at the 20th World Congress in Hiroshima, Japan to dialogue and strategize for the elimination of nuclear weapons and the threat of nuclear war. Read more »
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  • Areva: Enemy of the Environment and Democratic Practices in Africa?
    Posted by Dadie Loh on December 24, 2012

    Areva, the French uranium extraction giant, has proven that protection of the environment and a feasible democratic process in countries where it operates is the least of its concerns. Read more »

  • We Need Nuclear Weapons Budget Cuts
    Posted by Dadie Loh on December 17, 2012

    What better impetus to cut the nuclear weapons budget than the looming fiscal crisis? If any budget cuts are to be made, our nuclear arsenal should be at the top of that list. Read more »

  • I wish you could have been with us this morning
    Posted by Dick Mark, Consulting Director, Safe Energy on November 19, 2012

    Dick Mark is consulting director of PSR's Safe Energy Program. He attended an important court hearing on Mon., Nov. 19 Read more »

  • Use Your Voice and Vote
    Posted by Mathias Pollock, MPH on November 19, 2012

    Read more »

  • Ready to Talk About Climate Change
    Posted by Barbara Gottlieb on October 30, 2012

    Are we as a nation finally ready to talk about climate change? A fifth of the US population has been buffeted by a monstrous hurricane. Read more »

  • Sensible wholesale action needed on climate change
    Posted by Catherine Thomasson, MD on October 18, 2012

    It’s obvious that climate change is real and harming our health and infrastructure. Yet our nation has not yet taken decisive action to reduce our carbon footprint and break our fossil fuel addiction. Read more »
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  • A medical student’s voice on clean air
    Posted by Sarab Sodhi on October 15, 2012

    Many among us question the importance and relevance of the environment or believe it doesn't affect us. Dr. Lockwood's talk at Temple Medical School was an illuminating look into how directly we're affected by the things we ignore. Read more »

  • Big Bird has more to worry about than the fate of PBS
    Posted by Ashish Sinha on October 4, 2012

    On Wednesday night, Jim Lehrer moderated a 90 minute presidential debate that included a reference to Big Bird, but no mention of climate change, the environment, or any meaningful discussion of energy. While it is easy to dismiss the debates as one more part of the "silly season" of elections, this is one of the most significant opportunities that our political leaders have to shape our national discourse and educate the broader public. Read more »
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  • Health Voices for Clean Air Campaign 2012 update
    Posted by Diana Ruiz on September 26, 2012

    Our Health Voices for Clean Air Campaign focuses on air quality, and raises awareness of the link between stationary polluting sources such as coal fired power plants and human health. Read more »

  • PSR in Japan: Voices of Hibakusha
    Posted by Mathias Pollock, MPH on September 6, 2012

    What were you doing at 8:15 this morning? We can all probably recount different narratives of our morning routines. Wake up, brush teeth, shower, breakfast, commute, work. You go through the motions and hardly give it a second thought. Read more »

  • PSR in Japan: Too Big to Fail
    Posted by John Rachow, MD on August 30, 2012

    In 2008 we learned about world financial meltdowns and institutions too big to fail. Institutions that required taxpayer bailout; the same taxpayers who had just suffered personal losses due to the financial meltdown. Maureen and I just finished a long day trip to Fukushima with an international group of IPPNW physicians organized by the Japanese affiliate, JPPNW, and are now traveling back to Tokyo. Read more »
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  • PSR in Japan: Lessons from Fukushima
    Posted by Mathias Pollock, MPH on August 29, 2012

    There is no safe world in which either nuclear weapons capabilities or reliance on nuclear energy can exist. They are inextricably linked both through the science of supply and the politics of power. And as modern history has continually reaffirmed, since the very inception of the nuclear age, the human race is both unequipped to safeguard against this awesome force and unprepared to deal with the consequences. Read more »

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