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Making Climate Change an Issue in the Primaries

Posted by Jacqueline Ackerman on February 9, 2016

After sending out our action alert for the Clean Energy Saves Lives campaign, urging our members to help make climate change an issue in the primaries, we received encouraging news from Jim Newell, one of our members.

Jim informed us of an article in Huffington Post Politics that told the following story: At a recent GOP campaign stop in New Hampshire, someone brought up the question of climate change. He thought he would be booed for his question -- and was surprised to be greeted with applause! 

This has been a recurring event in GOP town hall meetings, according to the article, even though the topic has been absent in the debates. More and more people are realizing that climate change is largely manmade, and they want to see how the next leader of the United States is planning on using policy to improve it.

In light of this promising news, join in the campaign and challenge the presidential candidates with climate change questions. Show them that Americans are concerned and looking for a leader who will take powerful action.


Paul Averil Liebow MD. FACEP said ..

196 to 0 or 195 to 1? Our National Embarrassment Our lovely country is besieged, as never before, by the ugly politics of greed, political power and personal ego trips- a national embarrassment. The immediate Senate Republican threat to undermine the Paris climate change accord has given way to a far more pervasive threat to our way of life. Out of nowhere the Roberts Supreme Court has declared the accord is on hold, violating the established legal process of cases moving up the US judicial system, level by level. The disgusting melee after Justice Scalia’s sudden passing is an even more cynical attempt to violate our Constitution, by not allowing a sitting President to submit a totally qualified candidate for an impartial vetting of their qualifications, not their politics. The people have already chosen a “liberal” candidate in the last two elections. A president is only a “lame duck” after the election in November, not before the nomination process has even started. President Obama joined leaders from nearly every country in the World to try to secure a long-term binding agreement to slash carbon emissions. The Paris talks have just concluded with a universal agreement to start doing something now to slow the destruction of the Earth. It is nowhere near enough, but it is a start. But not one of our major Republican presidential candidates will admit climate change is real! All Americans must now let their Washington delegations know, in the strongest possible terms, that the radical right wing should not permanently block the EPA’s Clean Power Plan. I recently saw the dazzling display projected on the walls of the Vatican- some of God’s beautiful creatures that are being wiped out by mankind in what scientists universally are referring to as the “The Sixth Great Extinction”. This becomes worse every day, not because of giant meteors or volcanoes, but human greed and stupidity. Undoubtedly the most respected man in the World is Pope Benedict, who has stated beyond any doubt that Global Warming is real, caused by human activity, and that every individual and every country must do everything possible to save our beautiful planet. I have a deep spiritual belief that some sublime essence looms over the big bang, our beautiful ever-expanding Universe, even the cold dark universe that may come- as well as whatever preceded and will follow. All of the World's great religions celebrate this cycle in some form or other, and ask all believers to love and respect the bounty of all life on our miraculous blue-green planet. Seeing and hearing Pope Benedict, as he came through our great country, gave me an incredible surge of deep emotion I have never felt before for a religious figure. The man we all saw is a real human being evolved to the highest spiritual level, but humble in the true sense of the word! I hate to use the term loosely, and do not mean to offend anyone, but I feel we have just witnessed two real miracles. The Pope has written an encyclical in which he agrees with the entire World scientific community that Global Warming is real, and that we must all do something about it together- Now!!!!. We are already running out of water and food, “inalienable human rights”, everywhere. Sea level rise is inundating most of the World’s fertile river deltas where our food comes from, and most of the World’s people live. The second miracle is that he recognizes that all nations must use less, most especially the rich industrial nations. We must not create and then send toxic poisons to poor countries. Individuals and nations must all take care of each other, by sharing resources that are running out rapidly. ”Dominion” does not mean domination and destruction, but that we have a duty to take care of all life-forms, and all the beauty of our spectacular environment. The third miracle is still whispering above us softly in his recent encyclical! It is not God’s commandment that we continue to “Go forth and multiply” to infinity. Family planning is not sinful- although he has not yet said it is the ultimate solution. It played itself out as he crossed an African continent that lives perpetually on the edge of starvation and murder, because of resource wars. We are watching the human floods out of the deserts of the Middle East and Africa for those same underlying reasons (those who have not already been killed). Having families that we can feed and love is the only way we can live on as a species, on quite possibly the only planet in the Universe God has given life to. How many miracles does it take? 195 to 0 or 194 to 1 Paul Averill Liebow MD FACEP

February 16, 2016

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