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Oh no! No limes for your margarita?

Posted by Barbara Gottlieb on May 5, 2014

I hate to tell you, but it may be because of climate change.

Think I'm joking?  The Washington Post quotes Mexican growers (source of a half-million tons of limes imported into the U.S. each year) as saying that due to unusually heavy rains, fungus outbreaks harmed the lime crop -- just in time for Cinco de Mayo. !Caramba!

And the climate change connection?  Higher average global temperatures mean that the air now carries more humidity, making intense storms more frequent.

More frequent intense storms... Impacts on food crops... Spread of disease-carrying mosquitoes... Floods and storm surges... Droughts and wildfires:  The summer impacts of climate change leave no doubt that this is a serious health issue.


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