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On Interning at PSR

Posted by Anna Lananh Tran on June 8, 2015

I had the privilege of working at PSR as an intern for the past three months. It is surprising to think how fast my time here has passed. Before I started working here, I was largely uninformed about the dangers of climate change and its impact on health, so this whole experience has been educational and eye-opening. I feel that I have been able to grow so much from my time here, and it makes me wonder how I could have been so unaware of the biggest threat to public health.

Under Barb Gottlieb’s supervision, I was tasked with various different projects, including gathering resource materials on methane, creating fact sheets and laying them out, and reviewing PSR materials to send to another organization. In addition to my daily assignments, I was also able to participate in outside events, such as a leadership summit and lobbying in Congress. It has really been an enriching learning experience since I learned so much, from using research tools and writing, to networking, to designing layouts.

It has also been an invaluable experience to meet health professionals who are passionate about climate change and are actively seeking solutions. I greatly enjoyed being able to observe public health in practice and connect with professionals in the field. This internship has provided me valuable insight on the direction in which I may guide my career. I am truly thankful that I was given the opportunity to interact with and learn from some amazing professionals who are making real differences in the world.


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