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PSR & Grow the Hope event, Sunday 6/27/2010

Posted by Neethu Putta on July 9, 2010

Stepping out of the Bethesda metro station into the blinding sunlight, I warily tried to navigate my way to David Hart’s house. I was excited to join a group of motivated individuals, both from PSR and Grow the Hope, a movement for progressive social change and supporters of President Barack Obama, to discuss the importance of nuclear disarmament. Just as I turned my head, I bumped into Tad Daley, keynote speaker for that afternoon’s event and author of brand new book Apocalypse Never: Forging the Path to a Nuclear Weapons Free World as well as his wife, Kitty Daley. Accomplished yet modest folks, they both chatted with me on the walk to David’s place, taking my mind off the hot, humid weather.

Walking into David’s event, my excitement only burgeoned. Here was an array of interested advocates, from the young and upcoming professionals to the accomplished, seasoned experts including many statehouse representatives. Yet what excited me most was that all had one uniting factor: all came to hear Tad Daley speak about his book and the importance of standing up against nuclear armament.

Daley read a few passages from his book, detailing why nuclear disarmament is more important now than ever, speaking about everything from nuclear terrorism to the possibility of apocalyptic nuclear destruction. He also mentioned how someone could press the red button and release nuclear weapons, perhaps annihilating an entire nation -- accidentally!

Nuclear proliferation remains a looming terror for many Americans, and Daley is pushing for disarmament. His book is another step in the Countdown to Zero movement. Are you one more for zero?

You can buy his book here! Use the following code for a discount and free shipping. Code: 02PSRAN


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