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The Broad Street Pump Award given at the Gala for Peace & Health

Posted by Amy Ciciora on October 20, 2015
Washington PSR's Dr. Bruce Amundson

The Gala for Peace & Health was a night of reflection and tribute.

For those unfamiliar, the Broad Street Pump Award is rooted in historical significance. In August, 1854, five hundred people died from a sudden cholera outbreak throughout the Soho District in London. Using thorough investigative work, Dr. John Snow was able to trace the outbreak to a contaminated well located in Broad Street and had its pump handle removed – his methods forming the foundation of epidemiology. PSR established the Broad Street Pump Award to commemorate Snow’s activism. At PSR’s Gala for Peace and Health, the award was presented to Bruce Amundson, MD, an outstanding PSR volunteer whose diligence and passion in pursuing a healthier, more peaceful world embodies the same spirit that motivated Dr. Snow.

Dr. Amundson has been tireless, speaking out for health protective policy on climate change, social inequities and nuclear weapons. He hired a terrific new executive director for PSR Washington and has revitalized the chapter by increasing funding and recruiting new board members.

The presentation, given by Executive Director Catherine Thomasson, MD, was a high point of the evening and we are grateful to Dr. Amundson for a being cornerstone for PSR since 1983.


Mark Vossler said ..

Way to go Bruce!! You inspire all of us WPSR member to greatness. Looking forward to more greatness in the coming year

October 21, 2015
Luke Magnotto said ..

Bruce has been an inspiration to all of us at WPSR. Congratulations and thanks, Bruce

October 21, 2015
George Bray said ..

Bruce, Congratulations on your well deserved winning of the Broad Street Pump Award. John Snow would be proud of you as are the members of WPSR. Keep up the good work!

October 21, 2015

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