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The Toxies: Exposed

Posted by Barbara Gottlieb on August 16, 2013

"The Toxies: Exposed" is a seven-webisode series that follows a daring investigative journalist as he chases down toxic chemicals and pollutants.

Diving into the human body to catch BPA impersonating estrogen, going on a deadly joy ride with agricultural pesticide Chloropicrin and his friends, and narrowly escaping an aggressive interview with brain-damaging Lead, "The Toxies: Exposed" is an online parody news show with a serious purpose:  to catch these "bad actors" in action.

The seven video episodes feature BPA, Chloropicrin, Flame Retardants, Fracking Chemical Cocktail, Lead, Mercury, and Yellow Soap. Messages indicate the need for protection from toxic chemicals and point to a variety of national, state, and local resources.

Created by PSR-Los Angeles and Californians for a Healthy and Green Economy, "The Toxies" is designed to protect communities from toxic chemicals and pollutants. Accompanying fact sheets, links to take action, discussion guide and trivia game make it an enduring multi-media learning tool. 

All videos are available in English and in Spanish (short Spanish language intro, then remainder subtitled in Spanish). Online and print materials are also available in Spanish.

Local organizations concerned about toxics in their communities can access all the videos and materials online.  Use them to schedule a screening and discussion whenever makes most sense for your organization. Email to receive a high-quality DVD for the screening.

“The Toxies: Exposed” reveals the harmful misdeeds of toxic villains in our midst, so we can take steps to protect our health and communities.


Dr.Adham Hajjar said ..

Thank you

August 22, 2013
Jim Bell said ..

I guess it's ok to kill our life-support system as long as some people can make money doing it

August 16, 2013

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