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Friday, September 23

Session Type 

Session Title and Description 



Optional Training


“Orientation to PSR”

Training for new chapter leaders to PSR operations, chapter responsibilities and available resources.

Led by Pam Kleiss, PSR Wisconsin, and Mary Dillon Kerwin, PSR.



Participant introductions, an overview of the day’s agenda, and ground rules for meeting participation.  Includes a 15 minute ”Getting to Know You” activity.

Led by Marj Plumb, PSR San Francisco and Mary Dillon Kerwin, PSR.


“Organizational Overview”

A welcome and update on recent developments, with a view toward the future, from PSR’s Executive Director and national board President.

Led by Peter Wilk, PSR, and John Rachow, PSR President.

Plenary #1

“Best Practices”

Chapter-to-chapter information sharing on physician member recruitment & physician activism best practices.  Each chapter leader to bring sample materials and short presentation to share with group.

Led by Roberta Richardson, PSR Colorado and Kelly Campbell, PSR/Oregon



Plenary #2:

“Parallel Universes:  Recruiting & Organizing Health Care Professionals”

A panel sharing information on healthcare professional recruitment and organizing.  Question & Answer and Discussion will follow presentations.

 - Ali Thebert, Chapter Organizer, PNHP

 - Emilie Junee, SEIU, Cook County Hospital

Moderated by Sarah Lovinger, Chicago PSR.

Additional Reading Materials are Available Here.




Participants can choose from two workshops options on the topic of health care professional (HCP) recruitment and engagement.

1.  “Recruiting HCPs Through Program Engagement”

A training led by Barb Gottlieb, PSR, and Maureen McCue, Iowa PSR and a PSR board member.

2.  “Strengthening PSR Member Relations”

Participants will work out the “first steps of implementation” of a chapter-national member relations effort.

Led by Mary Dillon Kerwin, PSR, and Martha Dina Arguello, PSRLA.


Review  agenda, identify unresolved issues, any “housekeeping” items.

Led by Marj Plumb, PSR San Francisco, and Mary Dillon Kerwin, PSR.

Group Supper

Star of Siam - (312) 670-0100

11 E Illinois St
Chicago, IL 60611

Saturday, September 24




Overview of the day’s agenda and objectives

Led by Marj Plumb, PSR San Francisco, and Mary Dillon Kerwin, PSR.

Report  & Discussion

“Membership  and Chapter Revenue Sharing”

Discussion of 2010-11 Membership Task Force assessment and recommendations for membership language and a new revenue sharing policy.

Led by members of the 2010-2011 Membership Task Force.

Plenary #3

“Building Stronger Chapter-National Relationships”

A “visioning & brainstorming session” on enhancing chapter-national relationships to reflect the evolving needs and goals of a more effective PSR.

Led by Pam Kleiss, PSR Wisconsin.



(90 min)

“Communication:  Systems, Resources, Information Flow.”

Chapter, national board & national staff communication mechanisms and how we can improve communication and resource-sharing, including chapter-national collaborative fund-raising.

Led by Roberta Richardson, Colorado PSR, John Rachow, Iowa PSR and Mary Dillon Kerwin, PSR/National.



Energizing Activity

Led by Marj Plumb, PSR San Francisco.

Plenary #4

“Non-Partisan Voter Education for 2012” 

A training for chapters on election advocacy and strategies for PSR to promote our issues in the campaign environment.

Additional Resources: NonProfit Votes

                                Alliance for Justice: Permissible Election Activities

                                Nonprofits, Voting & Elections

                                501(c)(3) Permissible Activities Checklist

Led by David Hart, PSR, and TBA.



Open Space

“Helping One Another Meet our Common Needs

Identifying needs and resources available for chapter to chapter support and networking.

Open Space leadership TBA.

Wrap up & Evaluation

Complete meeting evaluation, opportunity to comment on meeting.

Led by Marj Plumb, PSR San Francisco, and Mary Dillon Kerwin, PSR.