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Ask your U.S. senators to fight back against President Trump’s budget proposals, which would fund a massive military increase by slashing vital programs that protect health and the planet.

Participant Objectives

1. Organizational Effectiveness

a.  Participants will discuss mechanisms to strengthen inter-chapter and chapter-national communications to strengthen PSR’s operational effectiveness.

b.  Participants will gain knowledge of how to increase organizational capacity to support both emerging chapters and established chapters and will begin to identify resources for responding to those needs.

c.  New chapter leaders will receive orientation training to PSR.


2. Individual Capacity-Building

a.  Participants will learn practices and techniques to increase recruitment of healthcare professionals into PSR chapters and to increase health professional engagement in chapter activities.

b.  Participants will learn about opportunities for collaborative fundraising.

c.  Participants will learn about opportunities and legal constraints related to nonpartisan voter education.


3. Information Sharing and Training

Participants will learn from chapter and national leaders their experiences, best practices and available resources on a variety of organizational skills and program areas.


4. Networking and Team Building

Participants will engage in networking and team building activities to strengthen our interpersonal relationships, build trust and facilitate communication.