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Dr. Janette Sherman

        Dr. Janette Sherman generously took the time to speak with PSR about her career and her involvement with PSR.  Dr. Sherman, who joined PSR 26 years ago, has been an integral contributor to our understanding of the effects of chemicals and nuclear radiation on health through her work as an author, activist, and physician. A specialist in internal medicine and toxicology, Dr. Sherman has developed specific expertise in the subjects of chemicals and nuclear radiation and continues to research the consequences of their presence on human health. She has authored many works on this subject, served on the advisory board for the EPA Toxic Substances Control Act from 1976-1982, and is the Contributing Editor of Chernobyl-Consequences of the Catastrophe for People and Nature, a book that comprehensively outlines the health and environmental effects of low dose radioactive contaminants, including those emitted from the Chernobyl disaster.

        Concern for the issue of environmental contamination is the reason for Dr. Sherman's continued involvement with our organization. To Dr. Sherman, PSR is important because of its voiced opposition to both nuclear weapons and nuclear power alike.  She also notes that she is impressed with current board members Dr. John Rachow, Dr. Catherine Thomasson (Executive Director), and Dr. Jeff Patterson, calling him "one of our country's outstanding physicians and leaders."  PSR is likewise impressed by the work of Dr. Sherman and would like to commend and thank her for the notable contributions she has made to make the world a safer place.

        For a complete biography and access to her works, visit her personal website.