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Speaking Tour: Heat Advisory

PSR's Dr. Alan Lockwood will visit 6 states this fall to highlight the health effects of climate change and speak about his new book, Heat Advisory.

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 Update From the Executive Director

I became a member of PSR in 1985 because I felt it was important for me as a physician to speak out against threats for which there is no medical treatment—such as destruction by a nuclear weapon,  severe weather events like floods or droughts from climate change, or the  mercury in my patients’ body.  I was moved to join this movement of health professional advocates because our collective voice is respected by the public and policy makers, and I felt we made a difference. It is truly an honor now to be serving as executive director of PSR! 

I have worked on PSR’s issues at the local and national level for many years.  Through the PSR/Oregon chapter, I served on city and county advisory boards, raising concerns about broad pesticide use, and advocating for safe clean drinking water and for a city climate policy that reflected health concerns.  I was part of a team of PSR/Oregon members that explained to hundreds of audiences why war in Iraq would not neutralize the threat of terrorism and advocated for safe and expedited cleanup of radiation superfund sites such as Hanford, part of the toxic legacy of the Cold War.   As the president of PSR/National, I was able to travel to Iran in 2007 to learn firsthand that diplomacy was not being used as a tool to ensure that nuclear safeguards were in place, and I returned [when?] to advocate for such diplomacy.  

One of my major goals as PSR executive director is to enlarge our wonderful cadre of health professional experts across the country.  With the use of webinars, online classrooms and other media, we can amplify our voice to create an even stronger movement.  Health professionals are needed to advocate for the public’s health at all levels, whether  within city councils, in medical associations, at state legislative hearings, in our hospitals and workplaces or federally, at EPA and in Congress. 

We have set ourselves lofty goals of nuclear abolition, climate change mitigation and safer chemicals policy.  We will take incremental steps this year by working to cut the nuclear weapons budget, stop new coal-burning power plants, block subsidies for nuclear power and institute a safer chemicals policy, just for starters.  Our work must be done throughout the country, since policy is not being changed swiftly in Washington, D.C. We will need more and stronger chapters, including those composed of medical students and residents.

I appreciate your ongoing support and will look forward to working with you, our members, over the long haul.

Catherine Thomasson, MD 
Executive Director


  • January 1, 2017 - March 6, 2017
    2017 Greenfield Peace Writing Scholarship

    We are excited to announce our 9th annual Greenfield Peace Writing Scholarship. Any 11th or 12th grade Oregon high school student may enter by submitting an original essay, poem, or narrative work in response to the following question: “How would you solve the public health crisis of gun violence?”

  • November 12, 2016

    Bellingham, Washington

    Training: Health Professionals for Climate Action

    Training hosted by Washington PSR in Bellingham, WA.

  • November 12, 2016

    Tucson, Arizona

    2016 PSR Arizona Membership Dinner

    PSR Arizona's annual membership dinner, featuring special guest Susan Feathers, who will introduce her new novel "Threshold."

  • November 9, 2016

    Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

    PSR Harrisburg Public Meeting

    Speaker Michael Mark, "Pricing Carbon—an effective response to Climate change."


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Hydraulic Fracking: How Great is the Risk to Health?

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PSR Reports is the voice for medical professionals, public health advocates and citizens concerned with nuclear disarmament and environmental health issues. In addition to keeping members up to date on the activities of PSR in Washington, across the country and around the world, PSR Reports offers articles written by professionals on important and imminent challenges to the public’s health and well-being.
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