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Make a difference in the challenge to confront global warming and prevent nuclear war and the development and use of nuclear weapons.

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Tell the Trump Administration: Protect us from methane and toxic gas leaks from fracked-gas wells on federal lands!


Physicians for Social Responsibility, Arizona is based in Tucson, but serves members throughout this largely rural state as well as the Phoenix area.  The chapter was founded in 1982 as PSR/Southern Arizona with headquarters in Tucson, AZ. The chapter's unique work in the past included the development of the Tucson Center for Economic Conversion ("swords into plowshares"), opposition of the Titan Missles in Tucson and the active support of the Nuclear Test Ban.

Currently we focus our efforts on nuclear weapons treaties, climate change action, opposition to coal and nuclear power and promotion of renewable energies, especially solar energy.  We collaborate with a number of other peace and environmental organizations in our communities.  We actively collaborate with others to support universal access to health care for all Americans.

The Chapter Coordinator is Barbara H. Warren, MD, MPH. Our advisory board includes Dr. Eve Shapiro, Dr. Sky Hilts, Dr. Rick Graap, Donna Branch-Gilby, and Dr. Ana Marie Lopez. We do not have a staff or office. Inquiries should be directed to Dr. Warren at 520-325-3983.

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Contact Information:

3653 N Prince Village Place
Tucson, Arizona 85719
Phone: 520-325-3983

Page Updated July 15, 2013