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Make a difference in the challenge to confront global warming and prevent nuclear war and the development and use of nuclear weapons.

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Heat Advisory: Protecting Health on a Warming Planet
by Dr. Alan Lockwood

Drawing on peer-reviewed scientific and medical research, Dr. Lockwood meticulously details the symptoms of climate change and their medical side effects.

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Climate Change Action

In November of 2008, PSR Arizona sponsored and organized the first Health Effects of Climate Change symposium, with participation of experts from the CDC, University of Arizona, and many community stakeholders.  A DVD of that event is available through the National Office of PSR.

PSR Arizona organized the Climate Smart Southwest conference held September 20-21 of 2013 to address the public health vulnerabilities to climate change in our region and for our SW communities. The conference was attended by over 400 people and representatives of 45 co-sponsors which included 6 national environmental organizations, and speakers included climate scientists, public health faculty and officials, National and International environmental leaders, and representatives of Native American and our Mexican border communities. Learn more here »

PSR Arizona collaborates with other organizations to facilitate community wide planning/workshops/forums for education about and addressing climate change.   We have City appointed PSR representation and participation as members of the City of Tucson's Climate Change (Advisory) Committee that is charged with the responsibilities of developing a climate change mitigation and adaptation plan for the City of Tucson.  In this role we emphasize the Health Effects of Climate Change and the critical role of public health.

We are available and are called to speak on the health effects of climate change and environmental toxins (including those produced by energy production and transportation) in various community and political forums. 

Page Updated February 5, 2014

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