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Tell the Trump Administration: Protect us from methane and toxic gas leaks from fracked-gas wells on federal lands!

Conference Planning Committee

Barbara H. Warren, MD, MPH - Project Director, CSSW Project, and Chair of Board of PSR, Arizona
Specialties in Internal Medicine, Community Medicine and Public Health; medical education, health systems management and clinical practice, retired

Donna Branch-Gilby, MA Public Administration- PSR, AZ Board of Directors member. Health Services Administration, retired, Milagro Co-Housing co-developer, seasoned community organizer and leader in public policy.

John Crouch, MA in Educational Technology – 30 years at the University of Arizona in Media Technology education and Native American studies.  Political organizer and media expert.

Gregg Garfin, PHD, Assistant Professor, University of Arizona School of Natural Resources and the Environment.  Lead editor and an author of: "Assessment of Climate Change in the Southwest Region".  Worked for the last 13 years to bridge the science-society interface, through collaborative projects between scientists and decision-makers.

Raymond Graap, MD – Internal Medicine practitioner.  Current PSR AZ Board of Directors member; past president of PSR, Tucson (28 year member).  Volunteer & Medical Director of clinic for underserved populations. Progressive Democrats of America steering committee, Tucson Chapter. 

Michelle McDonald, MD – Chief Medical Officer of the Pima County Health Department, retired.  PSR AZ member.  Interests in health systems preparedness for climate change.

Julie Robinson, PhD, Environmental Science & Communication, CSSW Project Consultant.  Research and work in climate change communication and environmental education and outreach. 

David Schaller, MA, Political Science –Areas of focus in government, natural resources and public policy -25 years with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in areas of sustainability and climate change coordination.  PSR AZ member.

Ivy Schwartz, MD, Primary Care and Public Health physician, PSR AZ member.  Community activist and organizer.   Interests in health systems preparedness for climate change.

Eve Shapiro, MD, MPH –Community Pediatrician.  PSR AZ Board of Directors member.  Clinical Professor of Pediatrics at the University of Arizona College of Medicine

Patsy Stewart – Citizen’s Climate Lobby and activist.  Leadership in the faith community on issues addressing climate change

Page Updated June 27, 2013