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Make a difference in the challenge to confront global warming and prevent nuclear war and the development and use of nuclear weapons.

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Local Climate Change Events


Deliverables committed in the Project Prospectus:

Conference Report: Web page at

Media resources and participation in media events

Speakers' Bureau (Have been invited by 12 organizations to date.)

On going Workshop Strategy Building in the Community  (At least a dozen organizations so far.

Tie in to Municipal Climate Adaptation Planning:  CCC and U of A

Community Preparedness and Resource Atlas

Working Group Reports (Also see reports on - Work Groups)

Addressing Cross Cultural and Cross Border Climate Change Issues

  • Grant training workshops offered buy CBD for Native Americans
  • Pachamama Alliance originating and involving indigenous peoples
  • Green for All - organizations work in poor Hispanic communities
  • Climate Science collaboration on US-Mexican border
  • Understand that we all live in the same eco-system with same risks

Food Security

  • David Schaller’s 19 page report on web page (
  • Deferring to the Pima County Food Alliance work (local food movement)

Education of Children in the El &Hi Schools

  • Meetings with TUSD leadership and sharing climate education materials
  • Engaging School Board members

Health System Preparedness

Restoring Mental and Spiritual Health

  • Teaching that we don’t have dominion over Earth, but must live in balance, support restoration
  • Establishing Green Teams in churches
  • Taking care of our own mental health in stressful times and our work
  • Relocalization of communities and stop depleting Earth’s resources

Building Resilience in Vulnerable Communities

  • Ongoing active group – representatives of neighborhood associations, community
  • Application of Community Cohesion Scale; Developing a vulnerability assessment tool  
  • Testing climate disaster preparedness workshop materials in vulnerable neighborhoods (Extreme Heat)
  • Meeting with City officials to learn about their disaster plans for people and  neighborhoods
  • Participation in City of Tucson Climate Adaptation Plan  (Anyone can come and observe)

Other interests

  • Collaboration with other organizations doing like-minded work.
  • Communication through the Arts
  • Taking Political Action supporting work on climate change


November- December, 2013

"Closing the Hunger Gap: Cultivating Food Security" Inaugural Conference in Tucson, Arizona, September 18-20, 2013. Sponsored by the Community Food Bank of Southern AZ

Milagro Cohousing Ecology Education Committee – work on extreme heat preparedness

Pima County Food Alliance   (Participation in AZ Food and Finance Forum, with Kellogg Fdn, Native Seed Search, U of A and many others.)

January-March, 2014

Green for All   (updates at their meetings)

League of Women Voters of Tucson (speakers and updates at their neighborhood meetings)

Amity Foundation – Pachamama Alliance  (participation in their workshops)

City of Tucson, Climate Change Advisory Committee (report on CSSW, work on climate adaptation)  Participation on the CCC by 4 members of Vulnerable Communities Work Group

Lend-a-Hand neighborhood based homebound assistance (updates at their meeting)

Tucson Neighborhood Alliance & NAs (engaging communities in adaptation)

Center for Climate Change Adaptation, U of Arizona – Workshop on  January 17, 2014

Sustainable Tucson (presentation at their meeting) February 10

Tucson Peace Center/Peace Fair (tabling)  February 22

Audubon Society (How to reach out to community to build resilience)  March 4

April-June, 2014

Southern Arizona Green Chamber Of Commerce   Launch of Climate Leadership Challenge – April 22, 2014  (Voluntary climate mitigation measures for businesses)

Progressive Democrats of America, Tucson Chapter (our workshop at their meeting) April 24

League of Women Voters of Tucson (workshop at their general meeting)

Women’s Foundation of Southern Arizona  Education of Disadvantaged Children on climate change  (Alison Hughes raising grant support)   Also Climate Adaptation plans on tribal lands.

Southern Arizona Green Chamber of Commerce  Business Challenge to reduce carbon emissions

Interfaith Power and Light and Pima County Interfaith Council: Connecting religious leaders with elected officials and climate change as a moral issue for our nation.


Progressive Democrats of America  Blog Talk Radio show with CSSW Work Group leaders  August 27, 2013  “The Climate Crisis - Expanding the Discussion to Adaptation” 

PSR National Leadership Call - Update of the CSSW Conference and what’s next 12/18/13  (Barbara Warren from the Speakers’ Bureau)

Climate Change Committee, City of Tucson – Update of the CSSW Conference and what’s next 1/22/14    (Barbara Warren from the Speakers’ Bureau)

Green for All Meeting – Update on CSSW Conference, Project and Work Groups 2/06/14   (Donna Branch-Gilby and Barbara Warren from SB)

Centro Neighborhood Association Annual Meeting, Report on work of the Building Resilient Neighborhoods Feb. 7  (Donna Branch-Gilby)

Sustainable Tucson panel on CC emergency preparedness in communities/neighborhoods 2/10/14   (Donna Branch-Gilby from Speaker’s Bureau [a.k.a. SB] )

Ward 3 Neighbors Alliance, Inc. Board Meeting – introduction of Vulnerable Communities Work Group by Donna Branch-Gilby, February 19, 2014

Tucson League of Women Voters – Midtown Unit discussion on Food Security Issue Thursday, February 20, 11:30  (Barbara Warren represented CSSW) 

29th Street Neighborhood Alliance -   Presentation on “Extreme Heat Preparedness”, Thursday, March 13, 2014, 6:30 – 8 PM, Pima Community College - small group conversations led by the CSSW Working Group on Building Resilient Neighborhoods, Martha Dominguez, Donna Branch-Gilby

Tucson League of Women Voters – Southern Arizona- discussion on Food Security Issue Saturday, March 15, 2014,11:30 AM- 1 PM    Barbara Warren

Tucson League of Women Voters – Midtown Unit discussion on CSSW- Thursday, March 20, 11:30 AM - 1 PM   – Update on CSSW Project work. Barbara Warren

Milagro Co-Housing hosting Skip Laitner (Intl. Energy Economist) – “Welcome to the Third Economic Revolution”  Sunday, April 20, 4-6 PM, 3057 N Gaia Place  Organized by Donna Branch-Gilby & Ecology Education Committee

PDA Tucson general membership meeting: Stop Global Warming: Political Policy & Public Action   4/24/14  (Barbara Warren, Donna Branch-Gilby, Whitney Haman, Pamela Jay, Rick Graap, Nancy Eldredge and  Joan Gilbert from the TUSD)