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Tucson Green Chamber of Commerce's Climate Leadership Challenge


April 15, 2014
CONTACT: David Schaller

Area Businesses Begin Early Sign-on to the Green Chamber Climate Leadership Challenge

Tucson (Apr. 15) - Area business have begun signing on to the Southern Arizona Green Chamber of Commerce (SAGCC) Climate Leadership Challenge, an initiative engaging area businesses, non-profit organizations, the public sector, and individuals to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Arizona Beds, The Solar Store, Loring Wood Products, Herr Realtors PC, Lotus Garden, VIP Mortage at 5401 N. Oracle, Milagro Cohousing Common House, Blind Tech, and The Wild Wild West Festival 2014 and others have already joined the Challenge and are working to become Climate Leaders. Their aim is to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions by 10% over one year compared to their baseline emissions from the prior twelve-month period. All who achieve the climate emissions reduction goal will be recognized at a Climate Leaders Award event in the spring of 2015.

The Challenge will be officially launched on Earth Day,  April 22, at the Vision House, a new net-zero energy home recently built by John Wesley Miller Companies. The Vision House is located in Tucson's historic Armory Park neighborhood at 413 S. 3rd Ave. The event and reception begins at 5:00 p.m. Kathy Jacobs, currently Director of the UA Center for Climate Adaptation, and former Director of the National Climate Assessment, together with Tom Alston, Community Outreach Director for Tucson Mayor Jonathan Rothschild will join us.

Participation in the business-led Climate Leadership Challenge is open to all area businesses, with separate categories for non-profit organizations, the public sector, and individuals. The Green Chamber will be providing information on local resources to help participants measure their emissions and evaluate cost-effective ways to reduce them. Official launch of the Challenge website will take place on April 22.     

A strong business case exists for climate leadership. Participating organizations can save money, increase their competitiveness, and reduce business risks as climate changes intensify. Area businesses who take up the Challenge not only gain quick economic benefit but also become more resilient by adapting earlier than their competitors to the threats posed by rising temperatures, water and energy price uncertainties, and supply chain disruptions expected as the climate continues to change.    

The Green Chamber challenges local businesses to demonstrate climate leadership in the community, and offers this initiative as a way to help participants achieve the benefits of reduced exposure to the costs and risks of energy, water, and resource inefficiencies and lower their greenhouse gas emissions at the same time.

Page Updated April 17, 2014