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Make a difference in the challenge to confront global warming and prevent nuclear war and the development and use of nuclear weapons.

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Ask Congress to support the SANE Act to save $100 billion in nuclear weapons spending over the next 10 years.

Coal and Nuclear Power

PSR Arizona was awarded a grant by PSR National in 2010 to address the Code Black project, opposing coal and educating the community about the hazards of coal ash.   We worked with the Arizona Corporation Commission (our utility commission) to develop a ruling that requires energy utilities to monetize the cost of human health, environmental and water "externalities" (hidden  and previously unaccounted for costs) in energy production costs.  We also very actively promote renewable energy expansion in Arizona, especially solar power to replace coal mining and combustion and any further nuclear power development.   

We are also available and are called on to speak on the health effects of coal, the costs, dangers and risks of nuclear power, and the benefits and co-benefits of renewable energies as participants in various community and political forums.

September 8, 2011
Remembering "3/11": Six Months After the Fukushima Reactor Disaster, Key Lessons Appear to be Going Unlearned

Regulatory, scientific and health experts agree: The “3/11” Fukushima reactor disaster is still ongoing six month later … and some major lessons are in danger of going unheeded.
Code Black on Coal

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  • May 24, 2013
    Conference: Climate Smart Southwest
    Build new and fortify existing cross-cultural, community, and governmental partnerships to educate and engage community action to address the anticipated public health impacts of climate change in the Southwest, September 20-21.