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Progress on Climate Change in Tucson

June 26, 2012

Three PSR Arizona members (Dr. Barbara Warren, Dr. Michelle McDonald, and Dr. Ana Maria Lopez) have served on the City of Tucson's Climate Change Advisory Committee over the past three years, representing Physicians for Social Responsibility as well as their academic and administrative roles. 

The CCC has prepared a Climate Mitigation Plan which has been adopted by the Tucson City Council (November, 2011) along with a resolution in support of the Clean Air Act. The CCC is now working on a comprehensive Climate Adaptation Plan for Tucson in addition to strengthening the mitigation plan.  The PSR members have served as a constant reminder of the need to address the health effects of climate change as well as the very significant social and economic justice issues that must be addressed in climate adaptation planning.  A large number of communities in the US are working on similar Climate Mitigation and Adaptation plans, although Tucson is one of only seven cities tht are adopting a Climate Adaptation Plan at this time. 

PSR members can get involved by seeking out these local planning bodies and volunteering to serve as members who will help address the human health and social needs.  Often participant members are appointed by local government bodies, but there is usually a process by which new volunteers can be appointed. 

Learn more about the City of Tucson's work.


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