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The Last Mountain - cosponsored by AZ PSR

A Tucson community effort against mountain top removal coal mining

August 4, 2011

Arizona Physicians for Social Responsibility will be a co-sponsor of the viewing of the Sundance Film Festival's "Official Selection" award winning new film "The Last Mountain". 

This dramatic documentary film, produced by Robert Kennedy Jr,  depicts the devastating consequences of mountaintop removal mining of coal in Appalachia.   These include severe environmental impacts, effects on human health and the future of jobs in these communities.  View the trailer for the film at:

The film will be screened at The Loft, an independent Sundance theater, in Tucson, AZ on Wednesday evening, August 24, at an event starting at 6:30 PM. (Film at 7:30 and followed by a panel discussion).  There will be tables and representation from a number of community and environmental organizations.   The event's organizer is the Southern Arizona Green Chamber of Commerce.     Arizonans, and visitors, be sure to attend!


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