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Nuclear Power Risks: Rethinking Energy in Light of Tragedies in Japan

April 4, 2011
Tucson, Arizona

Dr. Ana Marie Lopez, University of Arizona, College of Medicine

Dr. Barbara Warren, MD, MPH, Physicians for Social Responsibility

Join us for lunch at the U of Arizona College of Medicine, Room 2117, at noon and take part in a presentation and discussion:

What is the role of physicians in the face of tragedies like those that occured in the past week in Japan?  Aside from emergency response teams, is there anything we can do to secure a safer future in our own communities and nation?   The best approach is prevention.  Join us to explore the approaches we can use in Arizona to secure a safe energy future and avoid the dire consequences we have witnessed in Northern Japan.  Who ian lead the way in preventing such catastrophies, what can we do and what is your role as a physicina and citizen?

This will be a dynamic and provocative presentation.  Our speaker will be Nancy LaPlaca, senior advisor to Arizona Corporation Commissioner, Paul Newman.  She will explain the role of the ACC in regulating energy in Arizona, discuss the risks associated with nuclear power and explore the possibilities for safe renewable energy in our state as the best approach to prevention.  She will also tell you how you can be involved and why you should do so as physicians.

This presentation is sponsored by the University of Arizona College of Medicine and Physicians for Social Responsibility, Arizona

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