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Greater Boston

  • Greater Boston PSR Speakers' Bureau

    GBPSR has established a "Speakers' Bureau" of members willing and able to go address community groups, schools, and others about these crucially important issues. See the list of available speakers here, and request a speaker here.

  • Climate Change and the Growing Risk of Nuclear War: A Health Care Perspective

    Over 100 health professionals and activists joined PSR at Tufts University School of Medicine in Boston on October 15th for this one-day Symposium to examine the catastrophic public health consequences of climate change and the ways that climate change will increase the risk of conflict, including nuclear war. Attendees learned the ways that health professionals can take action. Speakers included Bill McKibben, Dr. Ira Helfand, and Dr. Catherine Thomasson.

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  • Historic ban treaty victory at the UN

    On October 27, the world took a giant step toward true nuclear disarmament. In a stunning victory for PSR and our international affiliates IPPNW and ICAN, the UN First Committee adopted resolution L.41 by a vote of 123 nations in favor, 38 opposed (including, unfortunately, the United States) and 16 abstentions. As a result, negotiations will begin in 2017 toward a nuclear weapons ban treaty.

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  • Everyday chemicals cost us billions

    Hormone-disrupting chemicals cost the U.S. $340 billion annually in health care expenses and lost wages. These chemicals can be found in electronics, car seats, makeup and food packaging among other consumer products. Learn more about hormone disruptors and tips to reduce exposure here.

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Latest News & Events

  • Nuclear weapons don't belong in any nation’s arsenal
    March 7, 2017

    Letter to the editor from PSR's Dr. Ira Helfand on the need for a ban treaty.

    Source: Washington Post
  • DuPont settles fluorinated chemical lawsuits
    February 16, 2017

    Dr. Richard Clapp, an environmental epidemiologist and former co-chair of the Greater Boston PSR Steering Committee, calls the DuPont settlement "a positive milestone for those in the Parkersburg area."

    Source: Chemistry World
  • Nuclear Arms, in "Very Wrong Hands"
    February 13, 2017

    Letters to the Editor from PSR's Dr. Ira Helfand and Dr. Robert Dodge in response to a Times editorial on the danger of unilateral use of nuclear weapons.

    Source: New York Times

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Did you know?

Greater Boston PSR was one of the first chapters of PSR, an organization known as "the active conscience of the medical community."

For nearly 50 years, GBPSR has been working to prevent the use and proliferation of nuclear weapons, and address the health effects of militarism. We have become a national leader on environmental health issues, producing seminal reports, continuing medical education courses, and clinical tools. About GBPSR »

Ask the Researcher Forum is a valuable, interactive environmental health resource tool developed by the Boston University Superfund Research Program and Greater Boston Physicians for Social Responsibility to help bring "research to real life" by allowing readers to pose questions and have them answered by four expert researchers involved in the BUSRP.

Environmental Contaminants Impact Bone Formation and the Immune System

Human skeletonRead Boston University School of Medicine MD/PhD Candidate Amelia Hass' From Research to Real Life series article, Make No Bones About It: Environmental Contaminants Impact Bone Formation and the Immune System, and find out more!

Action Alerts

  • Tell the EPA: Don't delay methane protections

    Tell the EPA: don't delay the proposed rule to capture leaking methane gas. Our health and the health of the climate cannot wait!

  • Tell Congress—defend the Clean Air Act against Big Oil!

    President Trump, his new EPA administrator Scott Pruitt, and some in Congress are attempting to block or weaken clean air and climate protections like the Clean Power Plan. Tell your member of Congress to support full implementation of the Clean Air Act and the Clean Power Plan.

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