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9:00 Welcome

9:15 Panel I—Climate Change and the impact on public health:     

A)    Expected climate change globally and in S Asia and Middle East—Susan Solomon, PhD, Ellen Swallow Richards Professor of Atmospheric Chemistry & Climate Science, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
B)    Impact on food and water; land loss to rising sea levels—Barry Levy, MD, Adjunct Professor of Public Health, Tufts University School of Medicine
C)    Forced migration—case study Syria, other likely hot spots including migration to US—Jennifer Leaning, MD, Director, Harvard FXB Center for Health and Human Rights

10:45 Coffee Break

11:00 Panel IIThe increased potential for conflict including nuclear conflict
Moderator—Steven Kinzer, Author and foreign correspondent; Senior Fellow in International and Public Affairs, Watson Institute, Brown University

A)      South Asia—Zia Mian, PhD, Director, Program on Science and Global Security, Princeton University
B)       Limited and large scale nuclear war—Ira Helfand, MD, Chair, Security Committee, Physicians for Social Responsibility

12:10 Lunch

12:40 Panel IIICurrent International  Efforts to Prevent Climate Change and Nuclear War
Moderator—Jonathan King, PhD, Professor of Biology, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

A)     Preventing climate change—Bill McKibben, Schumann Distinguished Scholar, Middlebury College,
B)    Preventing nuclear war—John Loretz, Program Director, International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War
C)    The medical responsibility to act—Catherine Thomasson, MD, Executive Director, Physicians for Social Responsibility

2:20  Workshops—Dialogue, Collaboration, Action

A)    Health Professionals and Climate Change
B)    Health Professionals and Nuclear War
C)   The Role of Students and Young Professionals
D)    Reflections on the Day
E)    Working with Media and Social Media

3:30  Closing Plenary—Reports from Workshops and Next Steps