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In Harm's Way Project News

Nationwide In Harm's Way Trainings

GBPSR's daylong In Harm's Way: Toxic Threats to Child Development Training Programs for Health Professionals, launched in 2002 at the New York Academy of Medicine, have become popular CME conferences nationwide.

Seven trainings to date have brought together over 1100 health professionals and health advocates, and have been a great vehicle to help build PSR chapter enthusiasm and capacity. We have to date partnered with three other chapters in conducting trainings- San Francisco Bay, Seattle, and Portland - as well as the Learning and Developmental Disabilities Initiative of the Collaborative on Health and Environment for the Seattle training.

The fourth training was held in the Fall of 2002 in Minneapolis at the University of Minnesota Medical School, co-organized by the Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy. The IATP conducted a series of follow-up presentations including grand rounds by Dr. David Wallinga at the two area children's hospitals, Minneapolis Children's Hospital and St. Paul Children's, and at a forum at the Minnesota Department of Health.

The fifth and sixth trainings were held in Fall 2003 - November 6 in Portland, OR at Oregon Health & Science University, and November 8 in Seattle, WA at the University of Washington Medical School. Portland was organized by Portland PSR. The Seattle training was co-organized with the Learning and Developmental Disabilities Initiative and Seattle PSR. The seventh training was held at the University of Michigan Medical School, organized by the Ecology Center of Ann Arbor.

As in prior IHW sessions, the latest trainings have brought together distinguished local and visiting faculty to address the issues of toxic threats to child development. IHW authors Drs. Ted Schettler and David Wallinga participated as visiting faculty at all seven trainings. Previous trainings were conducted at Boston University Medical School and Stanford University Medical School.

PSR chapters interested in the program should contact GBPSR's Maria Valenti at Local fundraising is necessary, but a wide variety of materials and support are available.

Spanish Translations Distributed to International Audience

In conjunction with PSR/San Francisco, and the assistance of Spanish-speaking physicians in Washington, DC and Argentina, we adapted the "Out of Harm's Way" fact sheets for a lower literacy audience, translated them into Spanish, and printed 50,000 English and Spanish-language fact sheets for outreach to at risk and Latino populations.

They are being used around the country, and distributed internationally to pediatric associations through the Asociacion Argentina De Medicos Por El Medio Ambiente, (AAMMA) and the International Society of Doctors for the Environment, and through the Red de Acción sobre Plaguicidas y Alternativas en México (RAPAM) in Mexico.

GBPSR helped support the development, production and printing in Argentina of a Spanish-language version of the report In Harm's Way translated by Dra. Lilian Corra in Argentina. The Spanish version is linked on our web site and is being widely distributed internationally at pediatric and other health conferences.

IHW Report Praised at NIEHS Conference

In Harm's Way received public acclamation from the podium at the February 2003 National Institutes of Health Symposium on Children's Environmental Health. Distinguished Keynote Speaker Philip Lee MD, former Assistant Secretary of Health, US Department of Health, began by remarking that In Harm's Way has been "an invaluable guide for all of us," and he then used several slides from the In Harm's Way training program for health professionals during his talk, as did several other speakers during the conference.

Over 7,000 Reports and 40,000 Fact Sheets Distributed

GBPSR continues to provide In Harm's Way educational materials to a wide variety of audiences via scheduled conferences, the Internet, presentations, and other venues. To date we have distributed over 40,000 fact sheets and over 7,000 reports as well as numerous training binders and PowerPoint presentations on CD-ROM. The report is now in its third printing.

Page Updated October 29, 2009