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Pediatric Environmental Health Toolkit

The Toolkit's History

Pediatric Toolkit Reference Card (top left)GBPSR and sister chapter San Francisco Bay Area PSR teamed up on an exciting project in 2004 to bring practical tools on preventing exposures to toxic chemicals to pediatric and family care practices around the country. The Pediatric Environmental Health Toolkit, endorsed by the American Academy of Pediatrics, includes laminated desk and pocket reference guides for providers, and patient handouts including "Prescription for Prevention" sheets, refrigerator magnets, and posters.

A distinguished group of pediatricians were involved in the planning, development, and oversight. They are Guenter Hofstadler MD, Brian Linde MD, Mark Miller MD MPH, Lisa Asta MD, Siobhan McNally MD, and David Wallinga MD MPA. Staff at GBPSR coordinated the project in conjunction with colleagues at SFBay PSR.

The Toolkit materials were piloted at 17 pediatric and family practices in Massachusetts and California. The 6-month pilot phase concluded in February 2005, and findings were presented at medical and scientific conferences around the nation. Revisions were made to materials based on evaluation feedback.

PSR National Takes Lead in Nationwide Marketing and Dissemination

With additional materials at the PSR web site, PSR national has now taken the lead in a nationwide marketing and dissemination plan for the Toolkit. Materials in PDF form are now posted for downloading and reprinting from their Resources page.

Free Online CE Course for Health Professionals on Pediatric Environmental Health

Pediatric Environmental Health Toolkit banner (from ATSDR website)

After nearly two years of development and review, GBPSR's work with the Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry's (ATSDR) Division of Toxicology and Environmental Medicine/CDC and the University of California San Francisco Pediatric Environmental Health Specialty Unit has produced a free 1-1/2 hour Online CME Course on Pediatric Environmental Health, which was launched April 17, 2009. Find out more about the free course.