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Tell the EPA to ban the use of methylene chloride and NMP in commercial and consumer paint strippers. Let’s protect workers and consumers from these harmful chemicals and switch to safer alternatives.

Major Projects and Activities 1990-2009

Environmental Health

Security, Nuclear Weapons and Health

  • 1992 - Organize and convene the Network for Nuclear Abolition group of MA peace groups (recently revitalized as the MA Disarmament Action Network that meets monthly)
  • Manhattan Project II - events, ads, activities (including w/ Daniel Ellsberg) on abolition of nuclear weapons
  • Many major Hiroshima Day Events - including a Boston Public Library exhibit/reception for Robert del Tredici Dismantling the Idea of the Bomb with "Atomic Age Film Series"; "Call to Disarm" at State House/Boston Common
  • Twilight's Last Gleaming - Major 10 day public art exhibit on nuclear waste on Boston City Hall Plaza and opening ceremonies featuring Helen Caldicott and the nuclear legacy performance group
  • 2002 - Forum This is not a Test on Terrorism, Health and Security - Major event at Faneuil Hall
  • Organize international letter writing campaign to local papers in the 5 nuclear powers
  • Op-ed in Boston Globe on "Stealthy Steps to a New Nuclear Arms Race"
  • 2006 -Prescribing a World without Nuclear Weapons event with IPPNW - Daniel Ellsberg, James Taylor
  • 2007 - Medical Consequences of Iraq War conference at Old South Church
  • Advocacy efforts opposing war in Iran - signature ad, support Boston leg of Iranian physician's tour
  • 2008 - Iraq war Veteran's health project

Community Violence

  • "Myths about Violence" slide show for medical professionals
  • Handbook on conflict resolution for health care providers
  • Working with the MA Governor's Commission on Domestic Violence on standard of care assessment
  • Mobilizing the Medical Community Against Violence conference at Harvard School of Public Health
  • Guns for Teddy Bears event at Boston Children's Hospital

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