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Major Projects and Activities 1990-2009

Environmental Health

Security, Nuclear Weapons and Health

  • 1992 - Organize and convene the Network for Nuclear Abolition group of MA peace groups (recently revitalized as the MA Disarmament Action Network that meets monthly)
  • Manhattan Project II - events, ads, activities (including w/ Daniel Ellsberg) on abolition of nuclear weapons
  • Many major Hiroshima Day Events - including a Boston Public Library exhibit/reception for Robert del Tredici Dismantling the Idea of the Bomb with "Atomic Age Film Series"; "Call to Disarm" at State House/Boston Common
  • Twilight's Last Gleaming - Major 10 day public art exhibit on nuclear waste on Boston City Hall Plaza and opening ceremonies featuring Helen Caldicott and the nuclear legacy performance group
  • 2002 - Forum This is not a Test on Terrorism, Health and Security - Major event at Faneuil Hall
  • Organize international letter writing campaign to local papers in the 5 nuclear powers
  • Op-ed in Boston Globe on "Stealthy Steps to a New Nuclear Arms Race"
  • 2006 -Prescribing a World without Nuclear Weapons event with IPPNW - Daniel Ellsberg, James Taylor
  • 2007 - Medical Consequences of Iraq War conference at Old South Church
  • Advocacy efforts opposing war in Iran - signature ad, support Boston leg of Iranian physician's tour
  • 2008 - Iraq war Veteran's health project

Community Violence

  • "Myths about Violence" slide show for medical professionals
  • Handbook on conflict resolution for health care providers
  • Working with the MA Governor's Commission on Domestic Violence on standard of care assessment
  • Mobilizing the Medical Community Against Violence conference at Harvard School of Public Health
  • Guns for Teddy Bears event at Boston Children's Hospital

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