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PSR Nuclear Weapons Signature Ad published in May 18, 2010 Boston Globe

November 29, 2010

Ad signed by 400 PSR members and supporters

PSR published a Nuclear Weapons Signature Ad in the May 18, 2010 edition of the Boston Globe.PSR published a Nuclear Weapons Signature Ad, with the signatures of 400 Massachusetts members and supporters, in the May 18, 2010 edition of the Boston Globe, urging Senator Scott Brown to support Nuclear Weapons treaties.

View the ad in the Boston Globe.

View the entire list of signers.

The full text of the ad (not including the signatures) reads as follows:


Later this year, the US Senate will be asked to vote on two treaties that are critically important to US national security. The new START treaty with Russia will reduce the size of both nuclear arsenals and decrease the number of nuclear weapons targeted on the cities of both countries. The Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty (CTBT) will outlaw nuclear test explosions worldwide and make it harder for more states to acquire or improve their nuclear weapons and for nonstate actors to acquire them.

These treaties have broad support among Democratic and Republican defense experts, but some politicians in the Senate are opposing these treaties. No one should be playing partisan politics with our national security and the survival of humanity.

Senator Brown, you have indicated to us, the citizens of Massachusetts, that you will be an independent voice in the Senate. There is no better way for you to demonstrate your promised independence than by pledging now to vote for these treaties, showing your colleagues in the Senate that you will put the future of human life and your constituents’ wishes ahead of any potential partisan gain.

Call Senator Brown at 202-224-4543 and ask him to support the new START.