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Heat Advisory: Protecting Health on a Warming Planet
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Drawing on peer-reviewed scientific and medical research, Dr. Lockwood meticulously details the symptoms of climate change and their medical side effects.

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May 2010 Webinar on Environmental Drivers of Chronic Disease features PowerPoint presentation now available for download

November 30, 2010
EDCC Training Webinar slide

Healthy Aging online outreach effort continues

In Greater Boston PSR's online outreach effort to bring the key findings of the Healthy Aging report to the attentions of both healthcare providers and the general public, first established by Jill Stein MD's December 2009 taped 3-part, 1-1/2 hour lecture for a University of Delaware Nursing School course titled Healthy People, Healthy Planet, Ted Schettler MD MPH, Healthy Aging report co-author and a leading expert on environmental health, held on three dates in May 2010 a Training Webinar on Environmental Drivers of Chronic Disease. The key findings of the Healthy Aging report were given in a PowerPoint presentation complete with references and speaker notes, and time for questions and answers followed.

The webinar covered the following:

  • Environmental factors as key drivers of many common chronic diseases
  • How environmental factors alter key biological pathways leading to chronic disease
  • Important environmental determinants of health including:
    • Food system/nutrition and diet
    • Toxic chemicals
    • Built environment / physical activity
    • Psychological & socioeconomic stress
  • Examples of cross cutting solutions for healthy people & a healthy environment

Environmental Drivers of Chronic Disease Presentation Package Available

Feedback was very positive and many attendees wrote to say they would be using the materials in their work to educate others on the key findings of how environmental drivers influence many chronic diseases. We are following up with all attendees and other who were not able to attend (nearly 90 people) to offer the complete presentation package of slides, speaker notes, and references. If you would like to order the complete presentation package, please e-mail us at

The Training Webinar PowerPoint is now available for download. You may also view a recorded version of the webinar on Boston University"s Superfund Research Program website, as well as recordings of Dr. Stein's taped 3-part lecture presentation.