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Health, Peace and Security Projects

Health, Peace and Security Issues

Since its founding in the late 1970s, GBPSR and its members have been committed to preventing the use and proliferation of nuclear weapons, to educate on the public health dimensions of war and militarism, and to support policies that work for peace and global disarmament.

Our Mission

  • To educate on the public health dimensions of war and militarism
  • To support policies that work for peace and global disarmament
  • To advocate for a nuclear-free world

Recent Highlight!RECENT HIGHLIGHT!
GBPSR co-chair Dr. John Pastore comments on Nobel Peace Prize to President Obama

PSR Doctors John Pastore, Ira Helfand prescribe change in U.S. nuclear policy in Providence Journal Op-Ed

Drs. John O. Pastore and Ira HelfanGBPSR Steering Committee member John O. Pastore MD, and PSR leader Ira Helfand MD, both past presidents of national PSR, co-authored a compelling op-ed on nuclear weapons that recently appeared in the Providence Journal. In it they call for the president and Congress to engage in the Nuclear Posture Review process to ensure it reflects, rather than overshadows, the agenda for abolition of nuclear weapons that the President recently laid out in Prague. "Without significant reductions in U.S. and Russian nuclear stockpiles, and U.S. ratification of Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty, the U.S. will not be able to lead the world away from nuclear weapons and toward greater security." Read the entire OpEd in the Providence Journal.

Getting to a Nuclear Weapons-Free World

Somerville Community Access Television has chosen the Massachusetts Disarmament Action Network (DAN)'s 1/2 hour television roundtable video, "Getting to a Nuclear Weapons-Free World," as one of three nominations for a "Best of 2009" award in the Informational category.

We are deeply honored by this distinction. Thank you SCAT!

The video, featuring members of DAN discussing the past, present, and future of nuclear weapons, and how our groups are working for their global elimination, is available on the internet by linking to

Please note: You will need Apple's QuickTime Player installed on your computer to view this video. If you do not have it, you can download this software for free.

The show was filmed and produced at Somerville Community Access Television and aired on this and other cable television stations throughout the month of May, 2009. During the first two weeks of May, the Preparatory Committee meeting on the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty took place at the United Nations. Many of the DAN member groups participated as NGOs in this important international event in New York.

DAN member groups include Greater Boston Physicians for Social Responsibility, Massachusetts Peace Action, 20/20 Vision, Women's International League for Peace and Freedom, Coalition for a Strong UN, American Friends Service Committee, and others including International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War (PSR's international affiliate) in an advisory capacity.

The roundtable on nuclear weapons is part of a wider effort to educate people on the issues addressed by member organizations, including peace, justice and environmental degradation.

If you would like a DVD to air on your cable television, please contact GBPSR.

Find out more about the Massachusetts Disarmament Action Network (DAN) coalition...

L-R: Lucy Stroock, Maria Valenti, John Loretz, Nancy Wrenn, Suzanne Pearce, and Shelagh Foreman.

Page Updated October 9, 2013

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