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In Harm's Way Materials Download

In Harm's Way Report

Please note: Both versions are in the Adobe .PDF file format.

A 140 page, fully referenced, peer reviewed report, addressing the links between toxic chemicals in our environment and learning, behavioral and developmental disabilities in children.

Out of Harm's Way Fact Sheet Series for Health Professionals and Patients

Please note: All versions are in the Adobe .PDF file format.

Health Care Provider Fact Sheet (English Version only)

Creating a Healthy Environment for Your Child's Development

Why Breast-Feeding is Still Best for Baby

English Versions

Spanish Versions

In Harm's Way Training Programs for Health Professionals PowerPoint Presentations

PowerPoint Presentation (80 slides, notes, and references)

Please note: All three file are in Adobe .PDF file format.

  1. The presentation has been divided into 3 files for easier downloading and portability on disk. To combine them into one file without changing text and graphics, you must import into a blank template and then overlay "Capsules" template on them.
  2. User needs to go to "notes view" to read/print notes. It is best to click on the notes text boxes to read notes and references, because some slides have text that runs over onto new pages which you will not see if you do not click on the text box. Notes that exceed 1 page will not print out in PowerPoint. You can order the printed notes from GBPSR as we have imported them into a Word file.
  3. In order to read the notes on-line you need to go to "Edit" and then "Edit Slide" mode and then "View Notes page."
  4. The authors of the PowerPoint Presentation "In Harm's Way: Toxic Threats to Child Development" do not authorize changes to any text or graphics and are not responsible for the accuracy of material if changes have been made.

PowerPoint Presentation with Audio can be viewed online:

The speakers in the order of their appearance are Jill Stein MD, Ted Schettler MD MPH, and David Wallinga MD.

Thank you to Dr. Barbara Sattler and Kate McPhaul at the University of Maryland for making this presentation possible.

The presentation plays on Real Player which can be downloaded for free at

Please note: Viewers may have difficulty viewing the presentation on a dial-up modem connection to the Internet. The presentation is best viewed on a broadband connection to the Internet.

Frequently Asked Questions on the In Harm's Way Training Materials

The purpose of this FAQs document is to provide additional background information for presenters who wish to present the In Harm's Way materials to a variety of audiences, and to refer presenters to reference material in the In Harm's Way report, or in the notes and references of the In Harm's Way 80-slide PowerPoint presentation.

Page Updated August 1, 2013

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