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  • Chesapeake PSR supports a long-term fracking moratorium in MD

    Chesapeake PSR and its coalition partners are supporting efforts to establish an eight-year moratorium on fracking in Maryland. The moratorium would allow long-term and cumulative studies to be completed before a decision is made about the future of fracking in the state. Both state and national organizations are invited to endorse Chesapeake PSR's position statement here.

  • Break the Silence on Fracking Non-disclosure Agreements

    It's hard to document that hydraulic fracturing for oil and gas ("fracking") harms health. That's partly because industry uses non-disclosure agreements, providing cash payments to victims harmed by fracking in exchange for a promise to remain silent. PSR-Chesapeake is petitioning industry to disclose important information about non-disclosure agreements -- and to allow those who have been silenced to speak publicly.

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  • Strengthening Emission Limits on Coal Plants

    Maryland Department of the Environment (MDE) will soon publish final draft regulations that are expected to strengthen emissions limits on sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxide from coal-fired power plants in Maryland. Chesapeake PSR is particularly concerned about the C.P. Crane and H.A. Wagner plants operating in the Baltimore area without state-of-the-art pollution controls. From a medical and health perspective, this is unacceptable. Industry pressure may lead MDE to weaken the current draft regulations, which would require all plants to use "reasonable available control technologies."

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  • Fracking Heats Up in Maryland

    Chesapeake PSR is examining the implications for human health resulting from the extraction of natural gas through hydraulic facturing, or fracking. Our work has focused on building coalitions to ensure that Maryland Department of the Environment properly addresses the health issues associated with hydraulic fracturing in its proposed best management practices. The state expects that these best management practices will be the basis for regulations allowing fracking to occur in Maryland.

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In the Spotlight

On Friday September 12, 2014, MdEHN, Chesapeake PSR, and ANHE co-hosted a symposium of experts to assess the findings of the study, Potential Public Health Impacts of Natural Gas Development and Production in the Marcellus Shale in Western Maryland.  There was general consensus that science is emerging that suggests health issues associated with various aspects of gas and oil well development need to be better understood, and that as a consequence, Maryland should not proceed with hydrofracturing at this time.

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