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  • DC Metro "Gears Up" for the NPT

    On Sunday, April 19th, Dr. Mohammad Khalid from PSR's DC Metro chapter welcomed Bike for Peace and Mayors for Peace with a reception for PSR members and guests. Dr. Thore Vestby, Mayor of Frogn, Norway and Svein Jerstad, Mayor of Kvinesdal Norway, both received gifts. Meetings were held with Senator Markey (D-MA) and DC Mayor Muriel Bowser requesting them to support disarmament. Afterward, they biked from DC to New York City along with Kansas City PSR leader, Ann Suellentrop, RN and Tore Nærland, co-founder of Bike for Peace, for the 2015 NPT Review Conference.

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  • Nuclear weapons cost WHAT in 2016?

    The U.S. government is planning to spend $12.6 billion in 2016 to start the process of modernizing our nuclear arsenal. This is only a fraction of the $355 billion planned over 10 years to launch new programs. PSR wants to change that!  What can you, as a taxpayer, do? Join our webinar to find out.

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  • PSR calls on President Obama: Expand renewable energy, energy efficiency

    With states across the nation assessing how to implement the Clean Power Plan, PSR calls on President Obama to recommend: Reduce carbon pollution by replacing coal with clean, renewable energy sources like wind and solar power, along with energy efficiency. These health- and climate-protective approaches should be selected over natural gas and nuclear power. Are you a health professional? Add your name to our sign-on letter.

  • PSR to EPA: Protect health, slash carbon emissions

    Climate change is one of the greatest threats to health in the 21st century, making it urgent that we slash carbon emissions. The EPA's proposed rule to limit carbon emissions from new coal-fired power plants gives us an opportunity to do just that. Barbara Gottlieb, PSR's Director of Environment and Health, testified before the EPA, calling on them to pass a strong rule.

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Focus Areas

  • Nuclear Weapons

    The nuclear weapons danger is real and growing:  nuclear terrorism, proliferation, and thousands of weapons still on hair-trigger alert in the United States and Russia. Fortunately, there also are new opportunities to eliminate this threat.

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Latest News & Events

  • Dr. Ira Helfand Interview by Dr. Khalid
    April 27, 2014

    Programe MUFAHMAT for Global TV Washington DC

    Source: Global TV
  • The Arms Trade Treaty (ATT): A public health imperative
    November 21, 2013

    This article, by PSR and IPPNW leaders, was published in the international Journal of Public Health Policy. It lays out why an International Code of Conduct on arms trade is important to health -- and how you can help change history.

    Source: Journal of Public Health Policy
  • The Global Threat of Fukushima
    October 25, 2013

    The problems at Fukushima are unprecedented in human experience and involve a high risk of radiation events larger than any that the global community has ever experienced. It is going to take the best engineering minds in the world to solve these problems and to diminish their global impact.

    Source: CounterPunch

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Action Alerts

  • Tell President Obama: Ban Oil Trains

    Tell President Obama and the US DOT to stop oil trains carrying diluted tar sands and fracked shale oil from the Bakken formation—both are more toxic, more explosive, and more carbon-intensive than conventional crude.

  • Tell EPA: Public Health needs a strong Haze Rule

    The EPA must improve the Regional Haze Rule so polluters are held accountable and everyone can experience healthy air at our national parks and wilderness areas.

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