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  • Former Gov. Bob Martinez Receives the T. Terrell Sessums Award

    Tampa native and former Florida Governor Bob Martinez was this year's recipient of the 6th Annual T. Terrell Sessums Award in recognition of his state and community leadership, high standards and environmental stewardship.

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  • Florida Needs a Health-Protective Energy Policy Plan

    Incoming Board President, Dr. Lonnie Draper and Board Member Dr. Ron Saff delivered a letter to Governor Rick Scott asking for his strong leadership in putting together a health protective energy policy plan for Florida; a plan with emphasis on energy efficiency and renewable energy sources. They asked for his support for the EPA's Clean Power Plan and for a seat at the table to help determine the state's energy portfolio to comply with the plan.

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  • Florida PSR Peace Luncheon

    Florida PSR held Peace Luncheon to commemorate Hiroshima and Nagasaki Aug 26, with around 50-60 medical and public health students.

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  • Florida Medical Association passes resolution on Natural Gas Fracking

    Citing the Florida Medical Association's (FMA) existing policies recognizing the importance of air and water quality for the health of Floridians, the importance of maintaining the safety of the Floridian Aquifer, and the role of the FMA to communicate with physicians and Floridians concerning topics of environmental health, the FMA passed a resolution favoring full disclosure of chemicals, monitoring of human exposures, research into health impacts and the education of physicians and the public regarding the potential health and environmental effects resulting from fracking.

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Nuclear Weapons

The nuclear weapons danger is real and growing: nuclear terrorism, proliferation, and thousands of weapons still on hair-trigger alert in the United States and Russia. Fortunately, there also are new opportunities to eliminate this threat.

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Environment and Health

Toxics and global warming create pervasive threats to health. PSR responds via chemical policy reform, climate policy advocacy, practitioner education, and “Code Black,” a campaign to reduce pollution and global warming.

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Safe Energy

The Safe Energy program focuses on protecting public health, taxpayer dollars, and national security by preventing the construction of expensive, dirty, and dangerous new nuclear reactors.

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The Need for Chemical Reform

PSR/Florida has been advocating for toxic chemical reform for years, providing education and resources to healthcare professionals and the public and briefing members of Congress.

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