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Florida Needs a Health-Protective Energy Policy Plan

October 1, 2014

Incoming Board President Dr. Lonnie Draper and Board Member Dr. Ron Saff delivered a letter to Governor Rick Scott asking for his strong leadership in putting together a health-protective energy policy plan for Florida; a plan with emphasis on energy efficiency and renewable energy sources. (click here to read the letter) They asked for his support for the EPA's Clean Power Plan and for a seat at the table to help determine the state's energy portfolio to comply with the plan.

The same letter was also delivered to Charlie Christ's office and received by Rick Minor, Policy Director with the Charlie Crist campaign. Mr. Minor stated "Charlie Crist's staff believes the Governor will want to work with PSR and other organizations dedicated to addressing climate change."

No matter who wins the Governor's race it is clear that Florida needs strong leadership on climate change. A recent report by the National Academy of Sciences (NAS), rank two Florida cities, Miami and Tampa-St. Petersburg among the world's top 20 in terms of potential average annual losses from coastal flooding, which will include the loss of infrastructure such as hospitals, housing, roads and the like, while stressing the state's capacity to provide both acute and chronic health care, clean water, shelter, mental health services and the like. The time to act is now. Florida is the "Sunshine State" and ranks #3 in the country in terms of solar potential yet, we are the 3rd biggest power plant polluter and fall below 17 other states for cumulative solar capacity installed. To protect current and future public health we must get off fossil fuels, including natural gas.

Read the letter here.

Watch Dr. Draper talk about the letter on WCTV below: