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The PBS Documentary Command and Control illustrated the risks of maintaining nuclear arsenals. We need your help to stop a whole new nuclear arms race.

Gulf Oil Spill Response

July 1, 2010

As crude oil gushes into the Gulf at an alarming rate, cleanup efforts are lagging behind. The ecosystems, economies, and health of the population of the Gulf Coast region are being threatened by this disaster. It is time to take a stand against our dependence on fossil fuels. Write a letter to your local representatives or to President Obama and urge them to pursue legislation that will put us on track to a cleaner energy future!

Keep Pinellas Beautiful
Pre-register for Coastal Cleanups in Pinellas County, Florida.

Volunteer Florida
Give your time through Volunteer Florida.

Audubon Letter Writing Campaign
Write a letter to your representative asking them to support the placement of a Constitutional nearshore drilling ban on the Florida November ballot.

Sierra Club Letter Writing Campaign
Write a message to President Obama to let him know that it is high time that we created a clean energy future that moves us away from oil dependency.

Gulf Oil Spill Fund
The Gulf Coast Oil Spill Fund will make emergency grants to nonprofit organizations helping the victims of the oil spill and address long-term economic, environmental, cultural effects of the disaster.

Oil Spill Map
Go to and report anything you see firsthand regarding the oil spill or any news reports, Twitter feeds, blogs, etc. You can also text the information to (504) 272-7645, e-mail it to or use Twitter by messaging #BPspillmap

Action Alerts

  • Help stop this dangerous Trump nominee!

    Help stop Scott Pruitt – climate change denier, mouthpiece for the oil and gas industry – from being chosen as next Administrator of the EPA. Add your name to our petition now.

  • Tell Congress: Protect our Health -- Oppose extreme anti-health bills

    Congress should ensure that federal agencies enforce laws that protect our water, air quality and public health--not curb the power of those agencies to carry out their mission. Tell your representative you oppose the REINS Act and the Midnight Rule Relief Act of 2017.

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