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PSR/FL Steering Committee member, Dr. Ron Saff, and his practice recognized as Green Doctor Office

August 11, 2014

Dr. Ron Saff's practice, the Allergy & Asthma Diagnostic Treatment Center, has been awarded recognition as a "Green Doctor Office" by My Green Doctor.

My Green Doctor is a free service of the Council for Healthy Floridians of the Florida Medical Association. It was created by Todd L. Sack, M.D., FACP and Sara Boren, LEED AP Homes, LEED AP BD&C. Todd L Sack, MD, FACP, Editor, My Green Doctor and on the FMA Council for Healthy Floridians shared, "This is the first office from your Society to receive this award."

This recognition acknowledges the efforts of members of Dr. Saff's office to save money and create a healthier community by improving their environmental practices and by sharing these concepts with their co-workers, families and patients. Recognition is awarded in concordance with the standards adopted by peer physicians of the Council for Healthy Floridians of the Florida Medical Association, Tallahassee, Florida. My Green Doctor is a free service; the recognition process is free to FMA members and costs $250 for non-members.

Dr. Saff's office began its Green Team in October 2013 under the direction of their office manager, Mr. Alan Henry. The Team meets over lunch every 4-8 weeks to decide what changes to make in the office, choosing from more than 140 options suggested at Their Team has had 5 meetings to date, has implemented ten Action Steps and seven Education Steps. Among the changes they have adopted include hosting an office competition to encourage the staff to turn off lights at night, the purchase of power strips to make it easier to turn off unused appliances, and the adoption of a policy to no longer pour unused or expired medicines into their sinks. They have placed in their waiting room some of the free patient brochures available here.

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