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Make a difference in the challenge to confront global warming and prevent nuclear war and the development and use of nuclear weapons.

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In his historic visit to Hiroshima, President Obama restated his desire for a world free of nuclear weapons. Please write a letter advocating concrete actions to achieve this.

Harrisburg Annual Banquet: A Global Prescription for a Sustainable World

October 10, 2012
Camp Hill, Pennsylvania

Elaine Wengert
Phone: (717) 766-9070

Time: 6:30 pm
Location: West Shore Country Club
Tickets: $80 per person, $40 for students. Contact Elaine Wengert, 717-766-8970 for tickets.

Every autumn as the green leaves of summer turn to gold, members and friends of PSR gather to enjoy an evening of coviviality and dialogue on an important issue of the day. This year's annual banquet will feature Andrew S. Kanter, MD, an internist; an expert in health information systems, public polices, and their effects on developing countries; and current President of the national organization of Physicians for Social Responsibility.

Dr. Kanter will talk about the problems that threaten life on earth - nuclear weapons, nuclear power, climate change, " toxic degradation of the environment" - but he is a man of action who believe we can successfully treat those problems and has a prescription for doing so. For those who are discouraged  by what he calls the United States' broken political system, he expresses faith in its people and their ability to find and follow a path that will take us to a " happier, safer, and healthier planet."  Dr. Kanter has developed specific guidance on the ethical principles and practices that individuals and governments can use, throughout the world, to support health and life everywhere on earth. Join us October 10, 2012, to hear Dr. Kanter's vision of life sustained by tolerance, generosity and restraint.

The evening proceeds will help support the Harrisburg Peace Garden, founded and maintained by the Harrrisburg - Hershey chapter in conjuctions with the city of Harrisburg. This lovely spot along the Susquehanna River welcomes walkers, bikers and commuters into the city with a vision of natural beauty that clears the mind for comtemplation of the things that really matter in life. the ideas inscribed on stones and plaques throughout  the garden show us how to preserve the peace, justice , health and harmony that are possible on this planet.  thus the garden embodies the central message of PSR since its beginning: the natural world, nations, and the welfare of individuals are inextricably linked.

Support the Peace Garden, your community and life everywhere by joining us on October 10, 2012. Click here to view and print the Dinner Reservation Form.

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