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Thank the EPA for releasing standard on new and modified oil and gas operations -- and ask them to move swiftly to set limits on existing methane sources. Our climate and our health are at stake.

Hell and High Water

August 15, 2012
Author: Dr. Jim E. Jones

Today, "Hell and High Water" is an appropriate phrase. NOAA confirms the USA has an increasing number of record hot days, spreading drought and wildfires. Just ask the Midwest corn farmers as their crops bake and cause the price of corn to soar or think of Kuwait, where it is 128.5ºF! We have had floods from Duluth, Minnesota and Beijing, China. We should see futher highs next year as there is a switch from La Niña to an El Niño, which brings warmer weather.

This is the effect of  the normal variations in weather PLUS the steadily rising global warming. As the CO2 ( other Greenhouse gasses) relentlessly climb, there is more heat and moisture in the air. James Hansen said, "the climate dice are loaded and make the extermes more likely to happen." And yet, we hear little about this most important issue in the election campaign!


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  • October 9, 2012
    Harrisburg PSR Annual Banquet
    Join Harrisburg PSR on October 10 at 6:30 pm for their annual banquet, featuring speaker Dr. Andy Kanter, President of PSR National.