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  • PSR Iowa Holds Its Own EPA Public Hearing on Carbon Rule

    This summer, the EPA held public hearings on its proposed standards for carbon pollution from power plants. However, no hearings were held in Iowa, a particularly coal-intensive state relative to its low population. Without skipping a beat, PSR leader Maureen McCue and Iowa PSR set up their own well-attended public hearing in Iowa City to make sure the voices of their community were heard.

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  • PSR to EPA: Protect health, slash carbon emissions

    Climate change is one of the greatest threats to health in the 21st century, making it urgent that we slash carbon emissions. The EPA's proposed rule to limit carbon emissions from new coal-fired power plants gives us an opportunity to do just that. Barbara Gottlieb, PSR's Director of Environment and Health, testified before the EPA, calling on them to pass a strong rule.

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  • Nuclear Neighborhoods: 11,000 Generations

    PSR-Iowa is hosting an exhibit titled "Nuclear Neighborhoods: 11,000 Generations." This multi-media installation compiles artistic and scientific interpretations of our nuclear legacy and consists of art, photography, poetry, writings and memorabilia. Exhibits are running concurrently throughout August and September 2013. Don’t miss your chance to see the show that's been called "Impactful" and "Long overdue."

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  • Calling All Artists! Nuclear Neighborhoods: 11,000 Generations

    Share your vision or interpretation of our nuclear legacy

    Project of Iowa PSR inspired by the Washington Nuclear Museum and Educational Center project "Particles on the Wall"

    We will be running month-long exhibits of Iowan's response in art, poetry, writing, and photos, and other media in the Iowa Public Library, the Iowa Memorial Union, and the Hardin Medical Library beginning August 1, 2013 through September.

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  • Climate change biggest global health issue of the 21st century
    June 29, 2015

    An op-ed from PSR's Dr. Maureen McCue.

    Source: Iowa City Press-Citizen
  • Rally protests paying for nukes
    April 16, 2015

    "The idea is to talk about where our spending priories are and why we have enough money to support an unusable doomsday weapons arsenal when we don't have enough money to support basic human needs," said Maureen McCue, the creator of the protest and a coordinator for Iowa PSR.

    Source: Daily Iowan
  • Taking action on climate change
    March 3, 2014

    An op-ed by UI student and Iowa PSR intern Julia Sanabria.

    Source: The Daily Iowan

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    In 2012, we saw members and chapters across the country work together to make a difference. Watch this video to see some of the scenes from our expert tours, testimony, Facebook chats and media outreach. Read more »


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